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Aircraft Spare Parts Company Setup in the UAE


Aircraft Spare Parts Company Setup in the UAE. The aircraft parts market is at a crossroads as demand challenges suppliers to come up with solutions that satisfy the requirements of both airworthiness and economics. Today’s civil aircraft operators are Aircraft Spare Parts companies Setup in UAE faced with a proliferation of choices as they look for the optimum route for maintaining the airworthiness and value of their fleets.


Service providers hope the well-publicized agreement reached between the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and CFM International will persuade more original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to loosen their grip on maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO), giving more opportunities for Aircraft Spare Parts Trading company Setup in UAE and parts manufacturer approval (PMA) spares suppliers.


Meanwhile, on the horizon is additive manufacturing (AM), which aviation industry specialists believe will fundamentally change the way engineers design aircraft and engines, OEMs make them, and MROs maintain them.


Many critical aircraft parts and components have long lead times and are expensive. You have to strike a balance between what percentage of these items you are going to stock against the danger of not having them.


 Aircraft Spare Parts company setup in UAE.  BCM Corporate Services LLC plan is usually based on an implicit assumption that nothing goes wrong in the supply chain. However, it quite often does. For instance, supply chains are as vulnerable to natural disasters as any other area of the aviation business. In order to prevent or at least minimize the chance of possible malfunctions in a supply chain,

Aircraft Spare Parts Company Setup in the UAE

Aircraft Spare Parts company setup in UAE. It might be worth reviewing the supply chain management procedures from the perspective of an insurance broker once in a while. Determining the precise spare parts-related needs of a specific carrier and/or MRO provider might not only optimize the speed of relevant processes but also bring considerable cost savings. Storing spare parts for airplanes serves as insurance against costly downtime. 


Thus, carriers and their suppliers must try their best to determine the most adequate insurance coverage. Aircraft Spare Parts Trading company setup in UAE i.e. ensure that the right amount of spares is always in the right place and at the right price. When managing such processes many companies tend to believe the spare parts lists recommended by OEMs or spares providers.


 However, these lists are normally formed whilst taking into consideration the typical failure characteristics of particular components and parts or, within the case of a repairable unit, the typical repair time only. Unfortunately, the specialists producing these lists tend to overlook the economic impact of an airline having an aircraft out of service while expecting a spare to arrive


The  fact that commercial aviation heavily relies on the Aircraft spare parts supply, most airlines and MROs are still managing their Aircrafts spare parts and supply chain processes, which frequently leads to stocking enormous levels of aircraft spare parts


Distributors, manufacturers, maintenance, repairs, and overhaul organizations, always search and buy aircraft parts and components. They strive to promote their services and try to make new business connections. Being different from other competing platforms Dubai is one of the emerging markets providing extraordinary functionality and a multilingual approach. Aircraft Spare Parts Trading company setup in the UAE.


 The growing demand in different regions forces aircraft part suppliers to have different distribution channels and Dubai is the gateway between west and east due to its geographical importance, so there is the best possibility to thrive well in Dubai. Aviation spare parts buying and selling can be done easily from Dubai, thousands of parts are available in the market what is required to make a new plane

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Aircraft Spare Parts company setup in UAE

The International Air Transport Association (Iata) in a studied projection said the UAE's aviation sector would grow 170 percent, support 1.4 million jobs and contribute $128 billion to the nation's economy by 2037. In its latest study on the importance of air transport to the UAE, the Montreal-based organization said the domestic aviation industry at present supports nearly 800,000 jobs and contributes $47.4 billion to the economy, accounting for 13.3 percent of the UAE's GDP

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Aircraft Spare Parts company setup in UAE

Aircraft Spare Parts company setup in UAE


.Aircraft Spare Parts company setup in the UAE. The past 10 years were marked by key milestones for the UAE aviation in terms of the fast expansion of airlines’ network, fleet, crew, and infrastructure, as well as the presence in the international markets

Today the UAE is ranked No.1 globally for Aircraft trade spare parts, tops the center East region for visa openness, an aviation powerhouse, and its airlines carry the country’s flag to all corners of the globe. 


To maintain the country’s aircraft trade spare parts competitiveness as a number one global aviation hub, sufficient air space capacity to satisfy demand, infrastructure investments aligned to growth, and rapid implementation of the latest technology aircraft trade spare parts are essential


Aircraft Spare Parts company setup in the UAE

  • No corporate tax
  • Duty-free
  • No currency restrictions
  • No Minimum capital
  • Ability to deal with the UAE government
  • Ability to develop your business with international trade
  • Right to trade across Dubai and in the UAE
  • Office premises anywhere in mainland Dubai
  • More options on business activities
  • No limit on the number of visas (Depend on office size)

Why BCM Corporate Services LLC & SUPPORT SERVICES

Aircraft Spare Parts company setup in the UAE

  • Taking company trade name approval

  • Preparing application for business activity approval

  • Security approval if required

  • Drafting Memorandum agreement

  • Arranging a reliable & strong UAE National partner

  • Office space

  • Obtaining external approval if required

  • Final submission to license issuance authority

  • POA agreement

  • Assistance in bank account openings

  • VAT Registration

  • Government Approvals

Aircraft Spare Parts Company Setup in the UAE


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