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Ajman Offshore License

Ajman Offshore is under the regulations of the Ajman Free Zone Authority. Just like any other offshore jurisdictions, it offers a Zero Taxation System, and the company’s confidentiality/privacy & security are kept intact (The legal address of the offshore company is the address of the registered agent).


BCM Corporate Services LLC has a dedicated team of professionals to support you in the offshore company formation in Ajman. They will pursue the process legitimately and conclude it in quick time. Thereby, aiding you to kick off business activities at the earliest. With consistent and determined efforts, you can grow optimally

General Overview Of Ajman Offshore License

  • Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Holding Company (Buy/Hold/Sell stakes of companies)
  • Investments and Joint Investments Company
  • Property Owning (Subject to the respective local laws of each Emirate, City and Country)
  • International services
  • Professional Services
  • Shipping and ship management companies
  • Commission Agents Company – Intermediary Brokers
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Business setup in UAE

Advantages of Ajman Offshore License Company Formation


  1. Fastest Offshore for company set up process; just one day

  2. Cost-effective registration process

  3. 100% tax free

  4. For Ajman offshore company setup, 100% capital and profit repatriation is allowed

  5. Can open bank accounts in the UAE or worldwide

  6. 100% foreign ownership Ajman offshore company formation

  7. Not eligible to get a UAE visa for shareholders, directors and secretary in the Ajman Offshore Company

  8. No need for an industrial office in Ajman Offshore company formation; the legal address of a Registered Agent can be the address of the offshore company.

Ajman Offshore License Company Setup Cost

Is Ajman offshore company cost weighing on your mind? Don’t worry; it’s easy in your pocket. Populated below is the amount you need to shell out for business setup in AFZ. Ajman Offshore Company Registration Fee: USD 2,050 AED 7,500 Government fee at AJMAN offshore AED 3100 Fee for the registered agent AED 2000 Fee for the registered office AED 1000 Share certificate AED 1000 Incumbency certificate AED 1000

Information Required For Ajman Offshore License Company Formation in Ajman

  • The desired name of the offshore company; (3 options)
  • The number of shares in the offshore company;
  • A description of the activities of the company;
  • The name of the shareholder(s) and how many shares each shareholder holds (minimum 1 shareholder);
  • The name, address, and nationality, of each director and secretary of the company (Both can be one person).

Ajman Offshore License Company Registration Process

An offshore company cannot be opened directly with any offshore Jurisdiction, an investor must need an Ajman Free Zone affiliated register Agent, who processes offshore companies on the client’s behalf.

First Step: The Client

The client Approaches a Registered Agent like us (Ajman Business Setup), and Selects the Category of your business, and signs the application form and fee payment.

The Registered Agent

The Registered Agent prepares all documents, issues a COI on the client’s behalf, completes the submission process, and pays government vouchers. Ajman Free Zone Authority will approve and issue a Trade License and other necessary documents issued by AFZA Authority.

Ajman offshore License company incorporation


  • The company set up in Ajman only takes a day.

  • A shareholder or the company owner has to sign legal documents in front of an offshore regulatory authority.

  • The easy amendment has a major difference for offshore companies in Ajman.

  • Offshore company registration in Ajman requires at least 1 director

Documents required for Ajman Offshore License Company Formation

Individual Shareholder Type:

  • Passport copy of each shareholder

  • UAE Visa

  • Proof of Residence of each shareholder

  • Personal Profile of Each Shareholder

  • Original Bank Reference


Corporate Shareholder


  • Incorporation Certificate of Parent Company

  • Memorandum and Articles of Association

  • Board Resolution

  • Certificate of Good Standing

  • Passport Copies

Where are offshore companies registered?

BCM Corporate Services is well-versed in the field of company formation and has always helped investors and business enthusiasts in offshore company formation. Here’s the process that needs to be followed by an investor to register an offshore company:


  1. Determining business activity – It is foremost to determine the activity an entrepreneur is willing to undertake as per the laws of the jurisdiction.

  2. Selecting the business name – To have a separate identity and idea to the consumer about the activity a distinct name for the company should be chosen and get registered.

  3. Completing the documentation – All the required documents according to the checklist issued by the Authority needs to be submitted by the registered agent for convenience.

  4. Issuance of registration certificate – After going through all the documents and being satisfied, the Authority issues the certificate of registration.

  5. Opening the Bank Account – The registered agent helps you in opening the company’s bank account to start the necessary transactions.


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Business Setup in Dubai

Why Set Up an Ajman Offshore License Company Formation

AFZ offers many benefits for its entrepreneurs/investors looking to start an offshore company in Ajman:

1. Quick Release of Trade License

Obtaining a license in Ajman Free Zone is cost-effective and the process to get it is hassle-free. The quick release of the trade license makes AFZ an ideal place for business formation. Apart from this, the 1-day process of documentation clearing speaks volumes of how well the feed zone is managed.

2. Multiple Visa Option

Different visa packages are available for businesses setting up in Ajman. The Smart Office package allows up to 3 visas, and the Executive Office package allows up to 5. Business owners who do not need physical office space can benefit from the flex-desk package – this gives entrepreneurs the use of office space, equipment and other services such as meeting rooms, without the need to rent a permanent desk.

3. Low Barriers to Entry

The pro-business environment in Ajman lets entrepreneurs set up businesses quickly and easily with minimal fuss. Not only is there no requirement to provide paid-up share capital to get your Ajman free zone company set up, but there are also no ongoing auditing or bookkeeping requirements.

4. Multiple Shareholders

A minimum of 1 shareholder is required to set up a business in Ajman. New free zone companies – which are essentially limited liability partnerships within the free zone – are allowed up to 5 shareholders.

Contact us for Ajman Offshore License Company Formation

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