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Business Setup in Ajman

Ajman provides cost-effective options for business registration additionally to offering various other Business Setup in Ajman beneficial incentives to foreign investors. The presence of a world-class infrastructural network, flexible legal framework, tax incentives, and excellent logistic facilities are some of the advantages that make business setup in Ajman a highly lucrative investment.



 Moreover, Business Setup in Ajman features a strategic location at the doorway of the Arabian Gulf, with proximity to Sharjah and Dubai, and convenient accessibility to four ports and two international airports, Ajman free port is aptly situated to serve the eastern and therefore the western markets.

Setup your business in the following industries

We covers all the subsequent industries, albeit your industry not in list you’ll consult us we will assist you setup


  •  E-commerce Real Estate

  •  Cargo & Freight-forwarding

  •  Financial Institution

  •  Media & Entertainment

  •  Technical Services

  •  Construction / Contracting

  •  General Trading

  •  Money Exchange

  •  Tourism & Hospitality

  •  Consulting

  •  Health Care

  •  NGO

  •  Other

Mainland Business Setup in Ajman

All Business Entities in commercialized geographical areas and directly registered under the Emirates government and its authorities are referred to as mainland companies. Mainland Business Setup in Ajman represents the foremost developed economy because it is about up directly following the legal structures of the govt policies. 


If one decides to start out a business in mainland Business Setup in Ajman, then having an area sponsor is important . an area sponsor will have a 100% share within the company, and therefore the business person will own the remaining 100%. A mainland company in Ajman can choose the subsequent business entities-


  1. Limited Liability Company

  2. Public Shareholding Company

  3. Branch Office

  4. Representative Office

  5. Professional Firm

Business setup in Ajman Freezone


The Ajman free port Authority (AFZA) was established in 1988 and is one among the fastest growing free zones in UAE. AFZA considered one among the foremost cost-effective free zones within the UAE for start-ups.

Company registration in Ajman free zone grants quick access to four seaports and two international airports to the investors. 100% own company structure for investors and hassle-free registration process makes AFZA together of the well-liked free zone for the businessmen.

ACTIVITIES Business setup in Ajman

Activities for Ajman free port company formation are divided into traditional 3 groups:

  1. Trading

  2. Service

  3. Industrial

On top of that, in 2019 AFZA introduced a category of Freelance permit, which allows having a license and a 3 year visa for the foremost reasonable costs.AFZA allows having either 1 service activity or 3 trading activities within the licence. Increase isn’t possible even for an additional payment. 



Offshore Business Setup in Ajman

Ajman offshore is regulated by the Ajman free port Authority. It is similar to other offshore jurisdictions as there are no taxes, and the company’s confidentiality is kept intact as the address is that of a registered agent. An offshore company in Ajman is the one who engages in offshoring businesses within the UAE. This jurisdiction involves the following activities



  • General trading

  • Professional services

  • Stake holding

  • Investment and joint investment companies

  • Advisory/Consultancy services

  • Commission agents/brokers

Benefits of Business Setup in Ajman

When it comes to advantages that businesses receive after setting up a business in Ajman, here are a few you must know,


  • No currency restriction

  • No mandatory to file yearly audit

  • Conduct business with local market

  • No limit on activities

  • Zero capital requirement

  • Tax free

  • No visa limit

  • Documents required

  • Passport copy of the shareholders

  • Proof of residence

  • Memorandum of Association & Articles of Association

  • Business plan

  • Bank reference letter

Types of Business Setup in Ajman

One needs a business license in Ajman so as to practice a commercial activity in Ajman, as per the govt guidelines. There are four main sorts of business license available in Ajman, which are as follows-


National Industrial License

There are a couple of criteria ones need to meet to urge this license, they are-


  1. The business must be registered with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and that they must own a minimum of 51% of its shares

  2. At least 40% of the manufacturing processes should be accomplished within the free port. Ajman businesses holding a National Industrial License are eligible for duty-free customs fees to member states of Arab Gulf Cooperation Council

Trading License

Business trading activities in Ajman are issued with this license. Trade includes import, export, re-export of products and services within the United Arab Emirates


Industrial License

This type of business license is granted to any foreign, UAE, or free port entity completing manufacturing activity in Ajman


Professional/Service License

This type of business license is granted to any UAE, foreign, or free port entity curious about providing professional/service license activities in Ajman


E-Commerce License

E-commerce license may be a new license level for e-commerce enterprises. it’ll facilitate online business entrepreneur’s partnerships with the free port to tap into the growing e-commerce segment of the GCC and therefore the region.


There’s a superb scope for E-commerce business in Ajman and therefore the UAE, with around 42% of the population reportedly making online transactions. Even the Ajman free port features a record number of applications for issuance of e-commerce license within the Emirate

General Maintenance License


If anyone wants to start out a maintenance business within the Emirate, having a General Maintenance License is important . Having this license can give authority to individuals during a maintenance business is to form repairs and performs regular maintenance duties to stay buildings in fine condition 

Process of Business Setup in Ajman

Before diving into the procedure, allow us to first know the wants to start out a business in Ajman.


Conditions and Prerequisites


  • Licensee must be eligible and qualified consistent with the law concerning trading licenses

  • The investor should apply to the municipality to get the required application forms and confirm one completes all that’s required for the business or the license

  • The place of business is to be setup in an industrial or commercial location that enjoys the approval of the municipality

  • Payment of the applicable fees

Documents Required Business Setup in Ajman

  • Passport photocopy of the shareholders

  • Leasing contract or copy of the location ownership

  • Schematic drawing for the business location

  • Proof of trade name reservation

  • Personal information sheet of each shareholder and manager


Procedure Business setup in Ajman

  • The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Ajman is that the authority who helps in business setup.

  • Submit the appliance form at the Customer Services Center within the municipality for initial approval

  • Follow up with the Inspection Unit within the municipality for inspection of the business location in real terms

  • Obtain the approval of the specialized departments inside the municipality, if applicable

  • Check with the AJCC within the municipality on the way to obtain the approval for the brand name and issuing of business register and membership certificate

  • In case of establishment a new company, submit all the necessary approvals, in addition to receipts from the ministry of trade as acceptance into the register of the companies

  • After all fees are paid, submit the appliance to the Customer Services Center so as to urge the receipt

  • It takes 1 day to receive the license and the business setup cost in Ajman depends on the license that is chosen


Business Setup in Ajman

Our team of qualified consultants will be able to help you every step of the way and advise what options best suit your needs. We are ready to provide complete business setup, so you’ll land and go, or we will just arrange for you to possess a MENA branch through our network of local license providers. 


We have an expanding team of market research specialists who can compile a report on the entire MENA region with regards to where your product sits and send it all over, without you having to leave your office. At Branches we offer various business setup and services like 


  • Business Set Up

  • Freezone Business Service

  • Accounting Services

  • Onshore Business Services

  • Offshore Business Services

  • PRO Services

  • Office Rental

  • Office Set Up Services

  • Distribution Services

  • Branding and Marketing

  • Citizenship Services

  • Event Management

  • Building Material Trading

  • Real Estate Services



Contact us for Business Setup in Ajman

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