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Business Setup in Dubai Media City DMC

Business setup in Dubai Media City DMC: A place where media startups and entrepreneurs can start business in Dubai Media City Free zone with 100% foreign ownership.
Since its official launch in 2001, Dubai Media City DMC has rapidly emerged as a global media hub, providing an advanced infrastructure and supportive environment for media-related businesses to operate in and out of Dubai.
Dubai Media City is a place where various media businesses can operate jointly, including media and marketing services, printing and publishing, music, film, new media, leisure and entertainment, broadcasting and information agencies. The Dubai Media City community includes global media giants such as Reuters, CNN, CNBC, MBC, Sony, Showtime and Bertelsmann.


Dubai Media City has also set up Media Business Centers to promote talent and entrepreneurship in Dubai. These unique facilities are targeted at freelancers and independent media professionals. Business setup in Dubai Media City DMC

The sectors from which businesses can apply for the DMC free zone:

  • Advertising and Communication

  • Media Consultancy

  • New Media

  • Event Management

  • Event Support Services

  • Media and Marketing Services

  • Media Support Services

  • Freelancers and Associations (Non-Profit)




Any business setup in Dubai free zones has the opportunity to take advantage of all the incentives that the authorities and the environment of the free zone has provided. Whether it is tax incentives or the world class equipment and facilities, 

businesses will be able to enjoy high quality production through the resources that are made available for them in the free zone. Media startups do not only have the resources to use but also the experience of all the other firms that are operating in close proximity within the boundaries of the free zone. 


As an industry expands in a certain area, knowledge spills and allows firms to take advantage to gain economies and efficiency.




  • The companies are not liable to pay any taxes to the government. Corporate taxes are also not collected from companies in the media city.

  • Foreign investors can own 100% shares of their company without the need to engage a local sponsor.

  • Setting up a business in the media city is quick and easy.

  • Premium quality infrastructure has been provided for media companies to produce top notch content.

  • All profits can be returned to the home country by the investors.

  • Residence and work permits for those who are working in the media city are easily available.

Business setup in Dubai Media City DMC Benefits:


  • 100% foreign ownership

  • Full repatriation of profits and capital

  • No personal, income and corporate taxes (50-year exemption)

  • Exemption from customs duty for goods and services

  • World class infrastructure to help support the growth of the cluster

  • The process of incorporating the business is extremely simplified

  • Business friendly company laws and legal framework

  • A variety of government services, including licensing, visa, traffic and postal services

  • 24-hour visa service

  • Fast-track immigration process

  • Networking opportunities

Dubai Media City – License, Business setup, Requirements and Eligibility

Dubai Media City was established in 2000, under the supervision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. The main objective of Dubai Media City is to create a world-class environment for the regional and global media industry as well as independent media companies. 


The Supervision of Dubai Media City is now under the jurisdiction of Dubai Creative Cluster Authority and managed by TECOM. Dubai Media City offers a great platform for media-based companies to display their services and products, therefore, since its launch, Business setup in Dubai Media City DMC

more than 1400 companies are registered in the free zone including media giants like CNN, Forbes, CNBC, Reuters, Sony, MBC, Bertelsmann, BBC, and many others. Dubai Media City also promotes talent and entrepreneurship to target our freelancers and facilitate them as media professionals.

Types of Business setup in Dubai Media City DMC

Dubai Creative Cluster Authority (DCCA) is responsible for the company registration and licensing process. The registration process is different for each type of business entity. Foreign investors interested in business setup in Dubai Media City Dmc can register like the following companies:

Free Zone Establishment (FZE/FZC)

A business entity with one shareholder can be registered as a Free Zone Establishment. In can of 2 to 5 shareholders, Free Zone Company is established. Business setup in Dubai Media City DMC

Branch (Foreign/Local)

A business entity can open a branch as a foreign or UAE based registered company. Business setup in Dubai Media City DMC


Under one’s own name, a person can work as an individual and start its own business organization.

The minimum capital of Free Zone Companies is 50,000 AED, which must be deposited to the relevant authority/incorporation. A deposit of 2,500,000 AED is required if your company is operating under Radio-broadcasting and TV cluster.

Dubai media city has also set up media business centers to promote talent and entrepreneurship targeted at freelancers and independent media professionals. Home to over 1200 companies, it is a place where companies can synergize their resources and reap maximum benefits.

Business types and allowed activities

Dubai Media City offers three licensing options for businesses in the free zone:

• A Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC) exists as an independent business entity in the free zone. This business type must have at least one director and paid capital investment of AED 50,000. *Broadcast TV and radio businesses require AED 2,500,000 minimum capital investment

• A Branch of an existing foreign company or existing UAE company is a place of business dependent on a parent company and doing business as the parent company. There is no minimum capital requirement for Branch Companies.


• The DMC Freelance permit is somewhat unique among free zones. It is allowed only in Dubai Media City. This permit allows an individual to do business as a freelance professional under his/her own name. There is an expansive list of allowed professional activities ranging from Actors to sound engineers and visual artists.

Documents required for Business setup in Dubai Media City DMC

  • In the case of Free Zone Company/Establishment, the following documents are required:

    • Application form

    • Business license

    • Passport of Applicant, Manager, and Director

    • Business Plan

    • Legal Representative

    • No-Objection Certificate (NOC)

    • Memorandum and Article of Association (MAA)

    • Company Incorporation Letter

    • Resolution of Incorporation

Registration and Business setup in Dubai Media City DMC


Submit the application form and the required documentation to the specified authority. Documents may vary for each business license. Business setup in Dubai Media City DMC Now select a commercial space for your office and pay the required fee. When all the above is complete, the authority will issue you your business license upon which you can start your business activities in Dubai Media City Free Zone.

Business setup in Dubai Media City DMC in 5 simple steps

Dubai Media City is incredibly well-placed for businesses both large and small. Just 20 minutes from Dubai International Airport and well-connected by road, traveling to neighboring emirates and the wider world is easy.

Another reason behind the free zone’s popularity is its super simple company formation process. So simple in fact, that it’s possible to establish your business in just five simple steps.

1. Select your business activities

The first step when starting a business in DMC is to outline the business activities that you wish to undertake clearly. While the free zone is tailored to those in the media, it still opens its doors to a wide range of organizations, covering everything from advertising and communication to event management and media consultancy.

 2. Choosing a company name

 A tough task anywhere in the world, this item on the to-do list is made a little more difficult by Dubai’s rather particular business naming conventions.

But while they may be particular, that’s not to say they are not easy to abide by. In short, you should choose a name that does not include any offensive or blasphemous language or make reference to known organizations and corporations.

Also, if you wish to name your business after yourself, you can only do so if you include both your first and last name.Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you must check that your chosen business name is available to be registered. A company formation expert can do this for you.

3. Applying for your Dubai Media City free zone license

With your name chosen, it is time to apply for your license. There are several Dubai Media City free zone license types available, including freelance, trading and professional services.

The license type that’s right for you will depend on the nature of your business activities. Once again, a company formation expert can help at the stage, recommending the setup that best suits your needs.

As part of the application process, you’ll be required to pay Dubai Media City license fees. These will vary depending on the type of license you apply for and the size of your business.

Generally speaking, Dubai Media City license fees are comparable to mainland setups or other free zones in the region.

 4. Applying for your visas

As well as applying for your business license, you’ll also need to apply for any visas you might need. As well as your own visa, it’s possible to apply for visas for your employees too. The maximum number you can apply for will depend on your license type and the size of your business.

You’re also free to sponsor dependents for their visa applications too. Whether you wish to bring your family – including children, spouses, and dependent parents – to the UAE, or you need to hire domestic staff such as a housekeeper, the process is simple.

As for Dubai Media City freelance visa costs, these are often combined with license costs and therefore vary depending on the nature of your business.

5. Opening your bank account

The last step in establishing your Dubai Media City business is to open a corporate bank account.


A company formation expert can help with this step of the process too – advising on the best banks to suit your needs and arranging appoints for you.

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