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CFO Services in Dubai

A growing company needs to have a CFO to manage, plan, record and track the company accounts and finance. Not all businesses can have a deep pocket to afford a full-time CFO. An efficient and professional CFO can guide a company in its growth and maximization of profits and assets. With the concept of shared intellectual capital, we provide qualified and experienced professionals at an affordable fee. We provide onsite or off-site dedicated CFO services. Our clients have the advantage of utilizing the pool of expertise of our professionals with diverse experience.

Financial Services & Accounting for Startups

BCM Finance is an important component of BCMGroup’s promise to both investors and entrepreneurs. We deliver financial expertise to clients through the right combination of CFO services, accounting, bookkeeping, and finance services. The focus on quality supported by project management and workflow technology, ensures a highly effective and efficient service to every portfolio we manage.

he dynamic regional and global environments demand that organizations have both financial stability and liquidity. The right outcomes depend on continuous rigor in governance, models, and processes across the finance function. Are you managing financial risk to power performance? BCM CFO expert team serves as an outsourced CFO with a comprehensive set of services that focus on systems, tools, and processes to improve business performance.

  • Help to anticipate market trends (business, economic, partners) by realistic planning and management tools available for general direction.
  • Produce reliable and secure information, which meet the requirements of supervisory authorities.
  • Define the drivers of growth and the critical factors for cost reduction, while evaluating the risks.
  • Align the finance function and its daily activities in line with the organization’s strategy and on its objectives of change.
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CFO Services in Dubai

CFO Services in Dubai

Our Consultants offer a range of solutions to enhance the effectiveness of the finance function in keeping with emerging best and innovative practices. Focused upon three key dimensions, namely, strategy, operations and risk control, it relies on the approach that is based on a comprehensive analysis of the “Model of information and management” of the Organisation, which structures the process of reporting and monitoring of the organizations. This approach provides a diagnosis of financial management and how this can be aligned with the overall organizational strategy with the help of financial tools.

The following are some of the services provided by Simply Finance CFO:

  • Financial reporting and review
  • Professional advice on market forecasting and preparation.
  • Management of cash flow and working capital.
  • Contracts are being reviewed.
  • Assisting with the development of management information system (MIS) reports.
  • Preparation and control of a budget.
  • Your accounting team will benefit from training and support.
  • Accounting processes in the business are being improved.
  • Bankers, prosecutors, and auditors are consulted and negotiated with.
  • Advice on VAT and the filing of returns.
  • Exit strategy and transaction support are also essential.

Out Source of CFO Services in Dubai

Our part-time or virtual CFO services in Dubai and the rest of the world provide you with experienced support for a fraction of the cost of bringing on a full-time CFO. Only a fair hourly rate or a fixed retainer fee will be charged for services rendered. We use a flexible engagement model in which the client determines the scope of services required. As a result, you can adjust the number of hours needed as we move along, keeping costs down while ensuring acceptable results.

Our CFO services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other emirates across U.A.E. are provided by financial professionals who understand the local market and business practices based on their experience. Since we are approved auditors in free zones such as DMCC and DIFC, we have the experience of handling some complex requirements for our clients.

CFO Services in Dubai By BCM

Our CFO Service is all about helping you make informed decisions with the help of financial analysis prepared by our financial and accounting consultants.

  • Increasing the overall profitability of the business
  • Increasing margins for different products
  • Reducing costs
  • Formulating financial strategy
  • Cash flow management
  • Comparing budget with actual results
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CFO Services in Dubai

What are CFO services in Dubai?

CFO, or Chief Financial Officer, is a service that provides a professionally highly skilled advisory relating to the financial transactions of a company or organization.

Cost Control, increased efficiency or increased productivity, are the common tools to attain improved profitability, an ultimate objective for all businesses. Without the high-level expertise from a finance expert, management may be unable to analyze and understand the factors that drive the bottom line. Our CFO outsourcing will help you boost profitability and efficiencies for your business.

Role of a CFO

CFO’s job consists of major roles such as:

  • Protecting the assets of the company
  • Minimizing the risks
  • Maintaining the accurate books of accounts
  • Conducting finance operations efficiently and effectively
  • Influencing the company’s direction
  • Providing financial leadership
  • Determining strategic business directions and align financial strategies

Scope of work for a CFO

CFO plays a vital role in the growth of a business by analyzing and connecting the financial reports with the operational reports to manage the functions of a company in a better way. 

  • Preparing accurate financial reports

  • Preparing annual budgets

  • Balancing the internal controls

  • Cash flow management and forecasting

  • Review of contracts with suppliers and customers

  • Tax preparations as per UAE laws

  • Cost analysis and expense control

  • Risk management and business advisory to the CEO

  • Cash and capital management

  • Expanding the influence of finance function

  • Enhancing and optimizing the financial operations


Most often all businesses need a CFO and sometimes the owners attempt to do it by themselves especially when the revenue of the business cannot afford the additional cost. Here CFO services in Dubai plays a role, where innovative and functional financial advice is required to cater to the evolution of the fast paced business environment to take the revenue to the next level.

CFO Services in Dubai

DO YOU NEED A CFO? The answer is yes, If your team:

Establishing and operating a business is a complicated task. Company owners find themselves tied up in the struggles to deliver the best services while managing their staff and leading them. In this competitive business world,

It has become even more difficult to grow and lead a business to the top. To manage a running business, a Company requires a strategic person to take care of, lead & manage the financial aspects of the business. It might always not be the best choice to hire a full-time CFO or full-time finance manager.

  • Is unable to effectively manage cash flow
  • Is unable to offer you a detailed analysis of the company’s financial performance to evaluate the effectiveness of your current business model, benchmark it to the industry standards, and help design for the future.
  • Does not have the practice of preparing a budget for the year or need help in financial forecasting for various purposes including, but not limited to, securing funding from lenders/banks, making strategic decisions in investing into a new business segment or for expansion of an existing segment.

We understand the business priorities we take care of the following services to enhance the business growth.

Company Incorporation & business structure

 Advising the business by understanding the business model or structure and the company incorporation

MIS & Dashboards creation

Creating an MIS that will allow executives and stakeholders to define targets and also monitor the progress of KPI. Dashboards to enable better decision-making for stakeholders by monitoring systems in real time.

Financial Accounting

Maintaining a financial accounting to curb expenditure and increase the ROI

Financial forecasting, Budgeting, and future business plans

Understanding the overall financial picture of the investments, mortgages, and other aspects and planning the budget for daily and monthly cash flow. Managing the short-term, mid-term as well as long-term business plans.

Preparation of Financial Management Information Systems (FIMS)

Automating and integrating financial management which includes budget formulation, cash and debt management, treasury operations, accounting and reporting.

Compilation of record schedules for Audit

The training matrix, the drill, and Incident schedules. Retention and disposal schedules. Following up with the Auditor to get the due diligence.

Managing Financial relationships

Completely tracking and managing bank relationships by providing a single view of all accounts and activities with a bank. This includes lines of credit, insurance, and foreign exchange.

Cash flow and Capital management

Working thoroughly on accounts receivable and accounts payable along with inventory. Also working on current liabilities involved.

Cost reduction and Business Process Re-engineering

Understanding effective ways of having cost reduction to minimize the loss and increase profitability and have a successful business plan re-engineered.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Understanding mergers of two separate entities to combine to form a new organization. And helping in acquisition of one entity over the other in order to expand the company’s reach to a market share.

Non-Executive Director Services

Engaging in company’s policy making and planning exercises. Including monitoring of the other executive directors and acting in the interest of the stakeholders

CFO Services in Dubai


Businesses face an increasingly competitive, complex operating environment and much heavier demands can be placed on it by regulatory & compliance legislations. This, coupled with the increasingly technical nature of global accounting standards, means that many businesses find they need access to high-level financial management but simply do not have the critical mass to justify hiring their own CFO, or to incur the fees of the ‘Bcm ’ accounting firms to support them. Others find the short-term nature of the requirement makes hiring a vCFO impractical.We offer flexible and professional financial management, tailored to the needs of your business at a price that your business can justify.

Benefits Of Hiring A Part-Time CFO

  • Providing dependable strategic leadership
  • Adding credibility through experience and objectivity
  • Providing a fresh perspective on data/systems/controls/efficiency/industry norms
  • Acting as a sounding board for senior management in the decision making process
  • All companies, big or small, face many of the same strategic issues.
  • Contact us to discuss whether or not hiring a part-time CFO makes sense for your business.

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