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How to open a private clinic in Dubai

If you are looking to open a clinic in Dubai; then you need a medical degree; you can acquire the services of a Director if you don’t have a medical degree; that he must have held a degree of medicine in order to open a private clinic in Dubai. Staff at all levels must also have the license to deliver their services in the UAE. In addition, the international diploma in the UAE is not enough; the Doctor as well as the nurses is required to pass the local exam to get his or her individual license first. All the certified medical staff should know English; writing as well as reading..

How to open a dental clinic in Dubai

There are very strict rules to open a medical clinic in Dubai for acquiring space; in terms of size, utility area, finishing, equipment, etc. Moreover, each type of medical institution has its own requirements. For example, essential facilities are different to open a dental clinic in Dubai and a dental polyclinic.


To open a private clinic in Dubai or to open a dental clinic in Dubai needs a great amount of training as well as on-field experience and an abundance of financial funds. What’s more, it is also essential to obtain a large number of all the possible approvals along with certifications from the concerned quarters.

Setting up a clinic requires approvals from various departments in Dubai; which can create trouble for experts’ especially those who are new according to health law in UAE. DHA also has different licenses for substitute experts like Ayurveda; Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Acupuncture. It has been ongoing since 2014 that an expert of medicine can set up clinics and practice in any emirate state; that is undergoing without any additional exams or tests.


How to open a Private clinic in Dubai | How to open a medical clinic in Dubai | How to open a dental clinic in Dubai

To open a medical clinic you must be holding a medical degree in Dubai, or you can do such practice through a Director of the clinic with a medical degree. You can open a private clinic in the fields of urology in Dubai, gynecology, dentistry as well as cosmetology; or you can also set up a complete medical center. 


You have to get a license from DED in case you want to set up a clinic in Dubai. The license must be approved by (DHA). DHA will provide consultants with specific licenses, interns, resident doctors, specialists as well as general practitioners. You will only need a local service agent for your license registration. The whole process for getting a license for opening a clinic or a polyclinic can be divided into the below-mentioned steps:

  1. 1 . Reservation of Trade Name
  2. 2 . Initial approval from DED (Department of Economic Development)
  3. 3 . Initial approval from DHA
  4. 4 . Documents for Executing
  5. 5 . Final Approval from DED(Department of Economic Development)
  6. 6 . License by DHA


Procedure opening a clinic in Dubai;

The procedure for the license application includes the following steps:

  1. 1. First of all, you may be required to pay the registration amount
  2. 2. After that training courses will be conducted
  3. 3. You need to appear and qualify for eligibility exams 
  4. 4. Then finally you may get approvals from the Ministry 

Reservation of Trade name to set up a clinic in Dubai

The process of registration to open a private clinic in Dubai; is initiated with the selection of trade names for your clinic. This name will be shared with D.E.D for approval that will complete the first step for registration.


Initial approval from DED to a clinic License in Dubai


The shareholder needs to file an application to DED, after reservation of trade name; so to achieve initial approval for a clinic. Several essential documents, including a copy of the passport with this application, must also be provided. Layout plan Approval of the clinic is also required for this approval from the Dubai municipality.

Initial approval from DHA to opening a dental clinic

  • In the third stage, the investor will apply for a DHA license after DED initial approval. The approval includes license obtaining after providing documents like a feasibility report for the clinic.


Executing Documents to set up a clinic in Dubai

In the 4th phase, the investor will arrange necessary documents like lease agreement; memorandum etc to set up a clinic in Dubai.


Final approval from DED to set up a clinic in Dubai

The last two steps consist of final approvals from DED. You will present all the prepared documents along with a copy of initial approval and charges for company registration. The DED after verification of these documents will issue the trade license.


Final approval from DHA to set up a clinic in Dubai

In the last step, the investor will apply for a DHA license online by creating a user id on the DHA portal. The details about the consultant license and medical professionals will be abounding. The authority (DHA) after verifying the documents will issue the license for starting a clinic. This is the final stage for approval; after which the investor will be able to open a clinic at his or her desired location.

Why Start a Healthcare Business in Dubai?


There are several benefits to setting up a clinic in Dubai. Not only does Dubai have a business-friendly environment but it also offers exemption from taxes, strategic location, and ease of business setup. Some of the major benefits to starting healthcare business in Dubai are:

  • 1. It allows 100% foreign ownership of your company.
  • 2. You do not have to pay any income or corporate taxes.
  • 3. There are no customs duties for goods or services.
  • 4. The city offers a wide range of tailored real estate solutions.
  • 5. The place also offers opportunities to collaborate with others working in the same field.

Documents are Required to Obtain an clinic License in Dubai;

To start a healthcare business in Dubai, you will need a license and to get one for yourself, you must keep the following documents handy. Remember, the paperwork is different according to the type of business entity you choose.

  • 1. Trade name reservation proof.
  • 2. Certificate of initial approval for the activities.
  • 3. Passport copies of all the shareholders and the manager.
  • 4. Copy of the manager’s resume.
  • 5. Personal information documents of each shareholder and the manager.
  • 6. Lease agreement proof.
  • 7. Notarized Memorandum of Association
  • 8. Power of attorney for appointing the business advisor.
  • 9. Articles of Association from the UAE Embassy at the current location.
  • 10. The physical address of your medical facility.

Start a Medical Clinic in Dubai

If an individual wants to set up a medical clinic in Dubai, he/she needs to obtain a professional license which is provided by the Department of Economic Development (DED). A Professional license, which falls under the category of LLC Company formation in Dubai, requires a local service agent to practice in the emirate. A holder of a professional license can employ a limited number of workers who will also be covered under the professional license.

Advantages and Scope  opening a clinic in Dubai;

The UAE government is always keen on providing outstanding healthcare facilities to not only the UAE nationals but the large majority of the foreign population residing in different Emirates. The Dubai government has always played a crucial role in encouraging investors and healthcare professionals to set up various healthcare facilities and research centers in Dubai. 

In order to facilitate these services, the government provides concession and monetary benefits to healthcare ventures irrespective of business jurisdiction.  Let us see some of the major advantages and scope of establishing a clinic in Dubai.

The huge benefit of medical tourism in Dubai – Clinics that provide world-class treatments focussing on specialist sectors can benefit from foreign clients. The Emirate has already evolved into a medical tourism hub. Dubai is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Asia and Europe.

Growth of the healthcare sector – The increasing number of expatriates, an increase in the number of non-transmissible diseases in the population, the introduction of compulsory health insurance have positive implications for the growth of the healthcare sector.

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model The PPP model is successful in many countries. The government is ready to endorse the PPP model to satisfy increasing medical requirements. And this promotes the participation of private healthcare ventures in the healthcare sector.

Guaranteed income Setting up a clinic in Dubai is a prerogative of learned professionals. And at the same time, this business undertaking comes under the category of public utility. This offers guaranteed and steady income for the investors.

Setting up a clinic is an initiative that is entitled only to medical professionals who hold a valid degree. Other than this option, the person involved in the business formation should be a Director with all the necessary credentials. 

  • A DED-issued professional license is necessary to set up a clinic in Dubai.
  • The investor should appoint a UAE national as a local service agent (LSA) because the private clinic is a service-oriented business that requires a professional license. 

  • A private clinic may deal with different medical specializations like gynecology, cosmetology, urology, or dentistry.

The Dubai Healthcare Authority’s approval is crucial in connection with establishing a clinic in Dubai. 

Establishing a dental clinic has a slightly different set of procedures.

Cost of opening a Clinic in Dubai

The cost of obtaining a DHA approval for a clinic in Dubai includes the following:

DHA Initial approval – AED 1,020

DHA Final approval – AED 2,020

Opening a clinic with 2 specialties costs approximately AED 20,040 and for 3 or more specialties it will cost approximately AED 26,040.

Check out the cost calculator to get an estimate of your healthcare professional license in Dubai.

Setting up a clinic in Dubai involves working with multiple authorities and documentation which can make the business owner a bit confusing. Decisive Zone, the experts in business setup Dubai can guide you through the process and help you to open a clinic in Dubai.


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