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Dubai Trade import Code Registration

All importers and exporters in China Dubai Trade import Code Registration are required to register with customs authorities for an importer or exporter Customs Registration Number (“CR Number”) that must be indicated on the commercial invoice.


Your Chinese consignee or shipper must indicate the CR Number in order to clear customs, with the exception of documents and personal effects (limited to unaccompanied luggage, C2C shipments).  Dubai Trade import Code Registration


As a U.S. consignor you will need this number for your records. The Chinese legal entity receiving or importing the goods is responsible for a CR Number. Your customer or supplier in China should have the CR Number available for your use. If not, DHL China can assist them by identifying a qualified import/export agent (IOR/EOR) as the receiving and dispatching party in China. 


Please note, however, that the appointment of an agent is Dubai Trade import Code Registration a lengthy process and will need to commence immediately, if required.

Obtaining Customs Client Code

1. Customs client code is annually renewed after the commercial license is renewed by the concerned authority.


2. An application shall be submitted through “Dubai Trade Portal” www.dubaitrade.ae (This link will open an external website in a new window)

Required Documents for custom Code Registration:

• A copy of a valid trade license.

• A passport copy of the authorized person.

• An undertaking letter for companies with professional license only.


GCC States Codes

1- The client shall Submit the application through Dubai Trade Portal www.dubaitrade.ae (This link will open an external website in a new window), and upload the following documents:


• Saudi Arabia: A copy of the company’s registration certificate (issued by the Ministry of Commerce).

• Kuwait: A copy of the commercial license and a copy of the import permit (issued by the Commercial Registration Department).

• Qatar: A copy of the commercial license (issued by the Ministry of Municipal and Agricultural Affairs).

• Bahrain: A copy of the commercial register (issued by the Ministry of Commerce).

• Oman: A copy of the commercial register data, a copy of the certificate of affiliation and a copy of the commercial register (issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry).

Renewal / Update of the Client Code

1- The client shall submit the application through Dubai Trade Portal www.dubaitrade.ae (This link will open an external website in a new window)

2- The client shall upload a copy of the Trade License


Charges for customs Client Code:

• New Customs Client Code: AED 100

• Renewal Of Existing Client Code: AED 25


What is a customs client code?

As noted, a customs client code (or customs code) is essential if you want to engage in import or export activities in Dubai. This is something that is required beyond your business license. The process of registering with Dubai Customs (dubaitrade.ae) to get your code is as follows:

  • Online application

  • Payment

  • Application review

  • Approval

  • Customs code allocated

Initially, your customs code will be valid until your business license expires. From there, your code should be renewed every year, after you have renewed your business license.


Working with a specialist such as Creative Zone means that you can ensure all your paperwork is up to date, that you are eligible to apply, and that everything is in place before any application is even made. This can reduce any problems or delays further down the line.


Why is a customs client code required in the UAE?

The UAE, like every country, has laws in place around customs. The ‘customs client code’ is one of them, and it is mandatory. Dubai Trade import Code Registration Thankfully obtaining one isn’t too difficult as long as you have the necessary paperwork in place prior to application.


An Import-Export Code (IEC) issued by the relevant customs department in UAE is required to import goods from a foreign country into UAE or Dubai Trade import Code Registration to export goods produced in UAE or to re-export goods earlier imported into UAE.

UAE has seven Emirates wise seven custom departments, namely Abu Dhabi Customs Department, Dubai Customs Department, Sharjah Customs Department, Ajman Customs Department, Umm Al Quwain Customs Department, Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Customs Department, and Fujairah Customs Department.


UAE follows a unified customs approach in all Emirates and provides a favorable environment for import & Export and Dubai Trade import Code Registration

Dubai Customs Registration

Businesses wanting to import or export goods to Dubai need to register their company in Dubai Customs and procure a code for clearance of goods. Dubai Trade import Code Registration In order to obtain a code, it’s mandatory for companies to have a valid trading/commercial license issued by a competent authority in the U.A.E. Businesses can register for more than one service provided they have a valid license for carrying out the service in Dubai.

Licenses Permitted in Dubai Customs

  1. Commercial License

  2. Industrial License

  3. Professional License

  4. Intilaaq

  5. Free Zone License

  6. Governmental Notification

Customs Code Registration Assistance in Dubai

BCM Corporate Services LLC  has been helping its clients with Company Registration in Dubai Custom since its inception. We specialize in providing the following services:


  1. Company registration in Chamber of Commerce

  2. Generate new import & Export code

  3. Renew import & Export code

  4. Company registration in Dubai municipality

  5. Item registration in Dubai municipality

Restricted Products in Customs Dubai

  • Pets and Domestic animals – A pre-approval is required from Dubai authorities as well as a medical test of the pet animal


  • Food Items

  • Medicines and Drugs – Tourists needs to be cautious with what they are carrying with them into the country and might need to carry a doctor’s prescription

  • Publications – Electronic or physical artwork which clashes with the beliefs of Islam

  • Technical Equipment – Certain equipment require pre-approval form Dubai authorities

  • Alcohol and Cigarettes – One needs to be aged above 18 to carry items and the amount should not increase the permitted amount.

Allowed Entities in Dubai Customs Registration


  1. Importer (commercial)

  2. Exporter (commercial)

  3. Broker

  4. Free Zone

  5. CTO

  6. CH (Cargo Holder)

  7. Overseas Company

  8. Private Individual

  9. Airline Agent

  10. Shipping Line Agent

  11. Importer (professional)

  12. Importer (industrial)

  13. Exporter (professional)

  14. Warehouse

  15. Gate Control Authority

  16. Courier

Option 1: Update Customs Registration Number in FTA Portal


You can update the Customs Registration Number (CRN) in your FTA Profile. Dubai Trade import Code Registration Login to FTA’s e-Services portal using your login credentials and update the CRN from.: https://eservices.tax.gov.ae/en-us/

How to link Tax Registration Number(TRN) with Dubai Customs

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) and the UAE Customs Departments are working in collaboration to collect VAT on the import of goods. All the businesses registered under VAT should provide the Tax Registration Number (TRN) to the customs department in the process of clearing the imported goods. 

The customs department will verify the validity of the Tax Registration Number (TRN) in their system and allow the businesses to clear the imported goods without payment of VAT at customs if TRN is updated and found valid.

In other words, if the Tax Registration Number (TRN) is linked with Customs registration code (CRN), it allows the businesses to clear the imported goods without payment of VAT at customs and pay later at the time of filing VAT Returns for that period.

If you are registered under VAT but yet to update TRN with the Customs department, the following are the options for you to link your Tax Registration Number (TRN) with Customs Registration Number (CRN).


  • Option 1: Update Customs Registration Number in FTA Portal

  • Option 2: Update through the Import Declaration Form

  • Option 3: Update through the Customs Department

Option 2: Through the Import Declaration Form

On submitting the Import Declaration Form VAT301, the CRN will be updated in the Customs System. The following are steps to complete the Import Declaration Form.

  • Login to the FTA’s e-services portal using the username and password linked to your TRN

  • Navigate to the VAT tab on FTA e-Services Portal and click on “VAT301 – Import Declaration Form for VAT Payment”

  • Mention the port of entry, customs declaration number, declaration date, and then click ‘Fetch associated registration number’ to auto-populate the TRN number.

  • Complete the declaration process and submit the form.

Following this process, the FTA will electronically update the customs declaration at the customs department that the VAT payment has been completed.

Option 3: Update through Customer Department

Using this option, you can provide the TRN to the customs department office. The customs officer will verify the TRN by logging into the e-service portal. Once the officer verifies the TRN, the customs department can update your TRN on the customs department system.


Linking of TRN with CRN is one of the key actions for VAT registered businesses, especially for those who are engaged in frequent import of goods. Dubai Trade import Code Registration This helps them in the faster and smoother clearance of goods from the customs port and also greatly helps in cash flow management

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