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Family Visa in Dubai

If you have a valid UAE resident Visa, you can sponsor first-degree family members to come and live with you in the UAE. After receiving your residence Visa, you can begin the procedures for obtaining a spouse and children visa, provided you earn at least 4000 AED per month.

We provide a variety of services related to the issuance, renewal, or cancellation of a dependent visa.

When applying for a residence permit for a member of your family, whether your wife, children, or parents, you will receive the best possible service from our trained team of visa experts at BCM Corporate Services LLC

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You've Come to The Right Place for a Family Visa

At the family visa center, we offer consular services for our customers. We concentrate on presenting legalization, translation, tour visa, and verification offerings for our customers across the world.

Whether you are transferring to distant places and want your certificates attested, are seeking out a manner to professionally translate your certificate, or want to affirm a certificate to show your credentials, we are right here to help. There are different types of visas such as spouse and children resident visas, parents resident visas, and sponsoring a maid visa which involves a security deposit to be paid, family visa center staff will assist with the complete process and take care of getting the visa from start till end process.

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Apply For a Family or Dependent Visa with BCM

Our team handles all aspects of Visa applications, from start to finish. When you seek the services of BCM Corporate government services. you won’t have to worry about any of the stages involved in the issuance of the dependent Visa you’re filing for a family member, from the moment the paperwork is received until your Visas are approved and delivered to you.

Because of our many years of expertise, we can handle all sorts of visa services in Dubai. For a hassle-free and comfortable experience, our team processes documents and ensures that all requirements are completed.

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Bring your family. We will provide 24-hour assistance for all your visa queries.

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One-stop solution for all employment and maid visa services. Get your advice today

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UAE visa assistance services for all. We are here to assist you with all your legalization & translation services.

Visa Stamping

Are you afraid of how to stamp your visa? We will help you from start to end

Visa Cancellation

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Documents Required to Apply for Dependent or Family Visa

  • The original ID of the sponsor
  • A copy of the sponsor’s passport
  • A copy of the sponsor’s residence visa
  • The sponsor’s employment contract for the private sector or salary certificate for governmental or semi-governmental entities.
  • A copy of the trade license, in addition to the Memorandum of Association if the sponsor is a partner or investor.
  • A copy of the birth certificate, attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the children.
  • A copy of the marriage contract attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the spouse
  • A copy of the sponsored passport
  • A new personal photo with a white background

How long is the validity of the dependant or Family visa?

The dependent Visa’s validity period varies depending on the sponsor and the sponsor. It could be for 1, 2, or 3 years from the date of issuance. It can be renewed for similar periods after meeting the same requirements as when the Visa was first issued.


Family visa services

Our team will help to get the family & dependent visa for UAE without any issues, until Visa gets stamped on your Passport, family visa, family visa renewal, family visa stamping, visa cancellation, etc..

Apostille services

An apostille is a sticker or stamp that is placed on original documents to make it acceptable for use in other countries. For the document apostille, you must present the complete original document.

MOFA attestation

The authentication of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a mandatory procedure. MOFA notarization is defined as the final attestation step that proves that the migrant certificate is authentic and genuine.

Embassy attestation

UAE Embassy Certification is a process of authorizing educational or personal documents for use in the UAE. This procedure is carried out by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirat.

Legal translation services

Our certified professionals help you in Legal translations of all your documents. Legal translation transforms documents from one language to another.

Certificate attestation

To maintain domestic security, foreign governments only accept certified documents. The originality of such documents must be verified and validated by the legal authority.

Educational certificate attestation

Attestation of educational certificates for the UAE is a time-consuming and hard but important manner.


ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA FOR SPONSORING FAMILY MEMBERS IN THE UAE Any expatriate can sponsor their family as long as they have a valid residency permit, per the UAE’s updated family visa rules. SALARY CRITERIA OR OTHER SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS FOR SPONSORING FAMILY MEMBERS IN THE UAE

The minimum salary for sponsoring your spouse or children in Dubai/UAE is AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 plus accommodation for male sponsors. There is no longer restriction on the applicant’s profession as long as the salary benchmark is met.

  • Wives can also sponsor their husbands in the UAE.
  • In Abu Dhabi, the sponsor has to be a teacher, engineer or work in the medical sector and earn a minimum of AED 10,000 or AED 8,000 plus accommodation. (She must provide additional documents as required by the authority.)
  • There are no occupational limitations for sponsoring a family in Dubai as long as the sponsoring wife earns more than AED 10,000. However, she will have to get special permission from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Dubai (GDRFA)/Department of Naturalisation and Residency Dubai (DNRD) [as mentioned on the UAE’s government website]. Husbands sponsored by their wives can also apply for work permits in Dubai/UAE.
  • The minimum salary requirement for sponsoring five family members, including one’s parents or a spouse’s parents, in the UAE is AED 10,000. In the case of six family members, the requirement is AED 15,000. For sponsoring more than six members, a dispensation is required. Additionally, the sponsor must prove family ties at residency centers and live in a 2-bed house or flat at least. The fee for this visa is AED 1,750, along with an AED 5,000 refundable deposit.
  • A mother can sponsor her kids in special cases approved and verified by the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, and Ports Security (ICP).
  • As per the resolution approved by the UAE Cabinet in January 2021, foreign students studying in universities in the UAE can also sponsor their families. However, those sponsoring their family members in the UAE as a student must have a suitable housing option.
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  • . Those detected with inactive or dormant pulmonary tuberculosis are “considered medically fit” and will be given a one-year ‘Health Fitness Certificate for Residence’. This certificate will be contingent on the applicant’s treatment and follow-up check-up by the Department of Preventive Medicine (or any equivalent government health authority).
  • The UAE government grants and renews residence visas in the UAE for individuals 18 years old and above only after taking a medical fitness test at a government-approved health center. This involves a blood test and an X-ray. Dependents may also be tested for other health conditions.
  • If a person is declared medically unfit, they will not be given a visa

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can I travel to a different Emirate with a dependent Visa?
    You certainly can. Golden Visa holders are not restricted from traveling within the UAE.
  3. How long does a Dependent Visa application take to process?
    It usually takes between 10 to 15 days for the dependent Visa to be issued.
  5. What are the steps to apply for a Dependent Visa in Dubai?
    You can easily and efficiently apply for a Dependent Visa through —, following these steps:
  • Contact us to let us know the type of Visa you wish to apply for.
  • Provide us with the needed documents to process your Visa.
  • Set back and relax while your Visa application is being processed.
  • Receive your Visa delivered to your doorstep.


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