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Fish Trading Business Setup in UAE

Fish Trading Business Setup in UAE With access to the Persian Gulf, one of the most transited waterways in the region, Dubai offers excellent opportunities to investors interested in Fish Trading Business Setup in UAE.


Speaking of the maritime industry, foreign entrepreneurs who want to completely own a corporation within the UAE can choose the Dubai Maritime City free port, an economic area which offers many facilities to businesses operating in this sector. 


Those who want to avoid handling lengthy procedures associated with the trading sector can find out fishing companies in Dubai and its free zones. Our company registration agents in Dubai offer information on the procedures associated with opening a fishing business within the emirate.

Registering Fish Trading Business Setup in UAE

Registering a business within the fishing sector in Dubai

Fish Trading Business Setup in UAE with an upscale culture that attracts many tourists, Dubai restaurants have developed a taste for combining various cooking styles which answer the request of those seeking to undertake the local cuisine which incorporates seafood, including fish, which is why opening a fishing company is sort of a successful venture.


The formation process Fish Trading Business Setup in UAE will start at the Department of Economic Development where the business must be registered. Foreign enterprisersFish Trading Business Setup in UAE here must appoint Dubai company formation agents to handle the registration procedure.

Obtaining a fishing license in Dubai


Following the incorporation of the Dubai fishing company, the foremost important requirements are going to be to get and register the boat or boats and applying for a Fish Trading Business Setup in UAE. This is a special license that enables fishing companies in Dubai to start out operating. The Fish Trading Business Setup in UAE is obtained from the Environment Department within the Dubai Municipality.

The following documents must be filed with the Environment Department when applying for a Fish Trading Business Setup in UAE

– a valid ID document of the applicant;

– a recent photograph;

– a boat license

– proof of residency in the case of foreign citizens;

– employment contract.


The Fish Trading Business Setup in UAE features a one-year validity and may be renewed.


For assistance in registering a fishing company in Dubai, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also ask us if you would like to open a fishing company in Dubai Maritime City.


The new investment wave Fish Trading Business Setup in UAE countries:

The UAE is primarily an import driven region for food supply demands. Lately, food security has become a crucial agenda for the countries within the region, especially within the GCC area.


Lack of water source, harsh weather, and suitable soil for vegetable and fruit farming has led them to show into aquaculture projects as a viable source for improving the region’s food security. This report examines the aquaculture developments within the GCC countries of Oman, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.


Modern aquaculture remains in its infancy within the GCC region with minimal production in Oman and UAE and relatively better production in Saudi Arabia. The governments of these countries have lately been encouraging foreign and local investments in aquaculture developments by providing a number of incentives for the sector, as well as providing fish Trading Business Setup in UAE of local species,



Creating aquaculture frameworks, relaxing institutional and investment constraints, and mapping out suitable sites for development. These incentives and therefore the highly favorable supply and demand fundamentals from fish Trading Business Setup in UAE including the steady increase in fish prices have made the aquaculture within the region as an attractive investment proposition to the private sectors. Currently, there are many Fishing aquaculture projects planned in Oman, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.


In 2014 Oman granted Fish Trading Business Setup license to 19 projects worth USD 332 Million. UAE has many new aquaculture Projects planned including for top value seafood like the Middle East’s first farm for sturgeon caviar and salmon. In the case of Saudi Arabia, the government has proposed 10.6 Billion investments within the fishing industry to extend their fish production from 100,000 tons to 1 million tons in the next 16 years. 


The developments mainly through their state-owned National Prawn Company also includes international investments of USD 1 Billion in a 31,000-hectare aquaculture project in Mauritania. There also are many challenges for the world within the regions like the necessity to import the fish feeds, machinery, and spare parts, replacing the dependency for import from one commodity to another; exposure to extreme weather and environmental conditions and difficulty in securing finance from banks because of the uncertainty in production during the hatchery stage.

Introduction Fish Trading Business Setup in UAE

The seafood industry is predicted to double within the next 45 years if this global seafood per capita consumption of 18.4 KG is to be maintained with a population growth rate of 1.3 percent per year.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN emphasizes Aquaculture as one of the fastest-growing food production sectors in the World, now accounting for nearly 50 percent of the fishes used in global consumption. Even though the aquaculture industry is fairly new and little within the Middle East, it’s been growing in no time also .

 Recent cultured fisheries data shows a 20% rate of growth in the 10 years period from 490 thousand tons in 2001 to 1.5 Million Tons in 2011 with 66.5% of this production fish in Egypt (FAO Fish stat J).

However, this is still minuscule when compared to global aquaculture production of 84 Million Tons in 2011. Given the worldwide decline in wild catches, the expansion trend in aquaculture is predicted to continue even in the Middle East to stay up with the seafood demand.

Traditionally within the region, whole fish is preferred to aquacultured thanks to the local perception that wild-caught is natural, fresh, tastier, and healthier. However this perception is bound to change in the coming years with aquaculture becoming more acceptable. The rest didn’t recognize any difference in taste in the least (Sultan Qaboos University, 2014). 


These results could have been different if the test was not a blind test where the preconceived judgment could have altered the perceived taste. The richer oil-producing GCC states except Oman are growingly counting on Imports to satisfy their seafood demand. Lately,

there are new investment waves into aquaculture within the Middle East to realize food security and reduce dependence on imports for it. This report will check out the aquaculture developments within the GCC regions of Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi

Fish Trading Business Setup in UAE

Before the invention of Oil, fishing was a serious industry within the United Arab Emirates. But after the invention of oil, like many other traditional activities, it began to decline. With the economic boom brought forward by oil production, the population became increasingly urbanized with better education and career opportunities.

As such the number of Emiratis employed in the sector has been declining. Moreover with environmental degradation and overfishing, the wild stock has fallen to only 20% of the 1970’s level consistent with the Environment Agency in Abu Dhabi .

In the case of orange-spotted grouper locally referred to as Hamour, an area favorite, the stock stands to only 10% of the 1970’s level within the local waters (EAD, 2003). In 2011 only 46,000 plenty of capture production happened in UAE (FAO, 2012).

UAE may be a country with a high seafood per capita consumption of 28.6 kg/year as per FAO (2012). Most of the nation’s demand is met by imports. Interest in aquaculture has been increasing in recent times to reduce the dependency on imports for food security and as a commodity to export as the country is the biggest re-exporter within the region, exporting seafood caught by the neighboring Oman and Yemen. 

The government is additionally particularly curious about aquaculture, as unlike fruits and vegetable farming, marine aquaculture doesn’t strain the valuable water resources by using only seawater. Currently, the UAE’s aquaculture production Fish Trading Business Setup in UAE is minimal with producing only 172 tons 

Most of the aquaculture development within the country is carried out by Marine Environment Research Centre (MERC) established in 1984. The research center is involved in re-stocking the waters with local species by producing fingerlings.

Till date fingerlings of species like white-spotted spine foot, orange-spotted grouper, large scale mullet, and sobriety sea bream are produced as a way of annual restocking program which is released into the sea.

The MERC with the Ministry of Environment and Water has recently begun to concentrate to draw in more private sectors into aquaculture activities. To support the aquaculture development they provide fingerlings, mangrove seedlings, and technical assistance.



Some of the large new aquaculture developments in UAE includes:

Fish Trading Business Setup with a production capacity of 35 plenty of caviar and 700 plenty of sturgeon meat per year (the national, 2014). In addition to being the primary plant of its kind within the Middle East, it’s also the most important re-circulation plant within the world 

A land-based 500,000 sq m salmon, grouper, and sea bream RSA farm in Abu Dhabi with a production capacity of 4000 tons per annum. For salmon culture, the farm is going to be equipped with chilled onshore pools which maintain the ocean water temperature at below 13 degrees Centigrade so as for the salmon to survive.


The main opportunity in UAE is its highly diverse population with Fish consumption. , UAE depends on imports for an outsized portion of its demand.

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