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How to register a Mainland grocery License in Dubai,

It is essential to have a local partner in a mainland company in Dubai. This local partner is also known as a local sponsor of the company having a 51% share in your business. We can assist you to find a trusted local sponsor in Dubai. . .

Activity Description-The activities are based on the marketing of certain consumer products and goods; such as fresh, canned foodstuff, preserved, household utensils, as well as detergents.

Grocery License in DED

  • Grocery store license
  • Activity Code-521103
  • Activity Group-Consumer Stores Group
  • License Type-Commercial
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How to get Grocery license in Dubai


Dubai provides its firms with a working environment grocery license in Dubai that is considered the most attractive and liberal in the region of the Middle East. Hence, starting a new business in Dubai is crucial to future growth. A Grocery Store always has its own scope while there are so many supermarkets. Now we will focus on How to establish a grocery store in Dubai.

There are few things that can affect the stability and profit of your startup if you are going to establish a grocery store in Dubai. Here are the key components to starting a small business in Dubai such as a retail shop or a grocery store.

Success in every business is highly dependent on the in-depth knowledge about the area and customers in that area. Yes, for a small business it is critical to identify the best place to start a grocery store. Thus you understand the locality and have an idea of the customer needs so you can provide the best products and sustain for the long run.

Documents Required to line Up a Grocery License in Dubai

The process of grocery found out in Dubai are often initiated if you hold the subsequent documents:

  • 1 . Application form duly filled and signed by the shareholders
  • 2. Copy of passport and visa of the shareholders
  • 3. Copy of business plan
  • 4. Copy of lease contract
  • 5. No objection letter from the sponsor

Requirements to Open a Grocery Store license in Dubai

To know the way to open a grocery in Dubai, listed below are the few procedures that you simply must look around before taking necessary measures.

1. Local Sponsor

As mentioned earlier, getting a UAE national to support the business may be a must. According to the rules set up by the authority, a local Sponsor will own 51% of the shares in your company, while the remaining 49% will be owned by you. Thus, to open a store this procedure is a must unless you sign an investor protected contract or start this business in a free zone.

2. License and Registration

Getting your Grocery License in Dubai for your business and other required certifications from the authority is additionally a crucial step. The DED is the authority that provides permission to open a shop in Dubai under a mainland jurisdiction.

3 .Business Jurisdiction

You may open your grocery store in Dubai Mall, Mena Bazar, or anywhere in Dubai – UAEbut understanding the jurisdiction where you think your store will be successful is important. Like any other shop in the UAE, a grocery store is also scrutinized in terms of jurisdiction and need to follow a proper shareholding structure.

4. Paperwork and PRO Services

Opening a grocery store may further mandate paperwork, certifications, taking approval from various departments, visas, and permissions from various entities considering the shareholding strutted and the jurisdiction.

The second point i.e. getting your Grocery License needs tons of paperwork and rules to follow. The authorities have mandated a set of rules that one must look through before getting hold of the license.

Regulation for Grocery License in Dubai

  • 1.  The policy of sale is going to be acknowledged to the customer through an appropriate means of declaration                      alongside the commodities replacement, return, or reparation.

  • 2.  If the situation of the shop is meant to vary, a previous approval must be taken

  • 3.  The DED must have complete knowledge of the existence of any bogus products or supplies within the local                 market.
  • 4.  It is the duty of the customer to accumulate invoice of the products purchased

  • 5.  The machine for coin operation must be installed in the system only after getting the permit Sale of products with        a fake trademark is prohibited by the law of UAE

  • 6.   Any amendment must not be carried out without the approval of the authority

  • 7.   The commercial name must be the same on the license and on the signboard of Dubai

  • 8.   To sell as well as promote the counterfeit goods is not allowed

  • 9.   One must not display the advertising signboards on the front wall of the store until and unless the prescribed                  permit  is not obtained

  • 10.  Pots, vegetables, electric devices, fruits, clothing, and toys of youngsters must not be over display
  •          Products must have a date of production and expiry

  • 11.  The groceries within the store must not have sales, discount, and special offers without proper approval
  •         Prices must be clearly visible on all the products 

  • 12.   No commercial activity is going to be entertained after 12 am until and unless the applicable permit is obtained

  • 13.   The trademark of the groceries must be registered with the Ministry of Economy for its security of the UAE

  • 14.   Under the grocery license, one isn’t allowed to sell any products associated with medical, herbal,                                       pharmaceutical,   or cosmetic

  • 15.    No store must involve in Dubai themselves in any promotional campaigns until and unless the parent company              gets the permit


  • 1. The U.A.E. enjoys one of the highest per capita                      incomes  in the world.
  • 2. The retail sector continues to grow and modernize as           reflected by the resources devoted to upgrading                    existing stores and construction of new outlets.
  • 3. The U.S. enjoys a fixed exchange rate with the UAE                Dirham.
  • 4. U.S. products are perceived as high quality and                     importers like to deal with U.S. suppliers.
  • 5. The U.A.E. imports 85 percent of its food requirements.         

Tips to Set up a grocery license in Dubai

  • 1. You should think that even when setting up a smaller supermarket, you will need to have good service, competitive price or convenience, cleanliness, variety and product organization, and trust.
  • 2. When thinking about food, knowing some food franchises can be a great business option.
  • 3. It is important to know how to pack a supermarket, from the layout to the supermarket to the equipment to set up a supermarket, so never let go of having a good business plan of your upcoming supermarket!
  • 4. When Assembling a Supermarket, Remember to Have the Items Searched and, Above All, in Good Promotions to Attract Clients!
  • 5. When setting up the supermarket, the first gondolas should be the products with offers or promotions, which creates with the buyer the feeling of your supermarket practices the best prices. Necessities like rice and beans should be more of the middle to the end of the establishment. 
  • 6. The place should be chosen so that the customer first passes through some canned gondolas, for example.


Selling Price of Products When Assembling grocery license in Dubai

The sale price is formed by the cost of the merchandise sold, added costs, and profit intended. Besides these factors that make up the selling price of the goods, it is necessary to observe the prices practiced by the competing supermarkets. Many of the supermarket promotions are made at a discount on some products, many with zero profit margin to attract the consumer, who already in the supermarket ends up taking other products and making up the product that is being sold at cost price.

Composition of Sales When Assembling a grocery license in Dubai

To get an idea of how much your business is going to profit, knowing that the butcher shop represents approximately 20% of the total sale; Milk, by-products, sausages, and bakery correspond 12% and fruits, vegetables and meats 10%. It is worth remembering that these sectors require fresh produce and attractive prices.


You can even set up an online store to make sales through the Internet. Experts warn that to succeed, the entrepreneur must be careful about sales in the long term. The goal is that 20% of them are paid in cash and 80% in the long term. Never sell, as it was formerly said, “on the wire of the mustache” or the best known spun in the book. Make the sales on time by check or credit card “But be careful of Credit Cards!”.

Financial Control After Assembling the grocery license in Dubai

To succeed in setting up a supermarket it’s essential to have good financial monitoring of the business because you will work with products with high turnover and small profit margins which can generate a false sense of profitability when dealing with a lot of money every day. However, almost all of this money is to pay suppliers, employees, rent, energy, among other costs.


Still talking about the financial part of the supermarket, you have to keep an eye on the cash flow of the supermarket and do a good planning to avoid unnecessary financial expenses, such as overdraft interest or anticipated sales in the long term. Managing grocery shopping and sales are essential to increasing profitability business in Dubai

Grocery License in Dubai

Grocery Store business in Dubai is one of the profitable business options for any investor or entrepreneur. The ever-developing cities provide several benefits and multiple trading avenues for entrepreneurs to establish a flourishing grocery store business in Dubai. Each business requires to follow the entire procedure with the prescribed rules and regulations for establishing any business.

The numerous considerations to take care of while establishing a grocery store in Dubai are:-

  • Business Plan
    It is critical to draft a fool-proof business plan before starting with any business. The entrepreneur needs to decide the budget of the business establishment, investments, location of the business, organizational structure, availability of required documents, current trends in the market etc.

  • Local Partnership
    As per the legal regulations in the UAE, the entrepreneur would require a local sponsor to be in partnership to establish the grocery store business in Dubai.

  • Documents
    There are a set of essential documents that are to be gathered to get the grocery store license in Dubai. A copy of the passport and visa of the owner has to be submitted along with the application. The owner is also required to provide a copy of the tenancy contract with the Ejari, the approvals from the Municipality, and the registration of the Trademark from the Ministry of Economy.

  • Approval
    The entrepreneur is required to submit the documents as per the rules and regulations laid down by the Government in Dubai. The Department of Economic Development in Dubai is entitled to provide the initial approval for the grocery store license in Dubai.

  • Name
    The trade name of the business is required to be approved by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai. The trade name of the business needs to be the same as the commercial name and the signboard of the business. The trade name is also required to be compliant to the rules laid down by the DED.

  • Location
    The entrepreneur needs to finalize the location of the business. They need to acquire the tenancy contract along with the Ejari and in case there is any change in the location, the entrepreneur needs to take prior permission from the Department of Economic Development.

  • License
    After submitting all the documents, the entrepreneur can acquire the license. There are three categories of licenses that are professional license, industrial licenses and commercial licenses. Only the items listed by the Government in the grocery store license list are permitted to be sold in the store and other materials are not permitted.
    After acquiring the license, the entrepreneur can apply for the employee visas to get staff and employees for the grocery store in Dubai.
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Key Factors to keep in mind before setting up a grocery store in Dubai:

Key Factor Grocery Setup

Strategies to ensure proactive domination. At the end of the day,User generated content in real-time will have multiple touchpoints for offshoring.

Know your

The Department of Economic Development needs to provide approval for any kind of advertisements, banners or promotional materials being posted by the grocery store

Location Setup

It is prohibited to sell fake products with fake trademarks as per the law. What are the regulations to be taken into consideration while opening a grocery store in Dubai

Find a local

Any kind of changes in the license has to be permitted by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai


The entrepreneur needs to get the VAT registration number for the grocery store and proper invoicing system and file taxes returns promptly


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