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Jewelry Business Setup in Dubai

Foreign investors curious about starting a successful business within the UAE can try the jewelry industry. Jewelry Business Setup in Dubai Home to a number of the wealthiest individuals within the world and a world vacation destination, Dubai is that the perfect and safest place to line up a jewelry company.  The government has created specific rules, regulations, and imposes checkups to those that bring gold or other precious metals which are sold within the emirate most famous gold market: Dubai Souk.


The UAE jewelry market is predicted to succeed in 12 billion dirhams by 2020. Dubai leads the UAE jewelry market as tourists find it cheaper than their home countries due to low taxes and an outstanding range of exquisite jewelry. Jewelry Business Setup in Dubai On the wholesale front, Dubai exports its jewelry to 200 countries across the world. As the saying goes, not all that glitters is gold; jewelry is an industry that takes a considerable amount of planning and works to make it a success.


A jewelry business comes with certain industry-specific regulations, substantial competition, and cash flow issues to consider. It’s also not always a profitable business unless you manage to secure a line in some of the large retail outlets and jewelry houses. If you are dealing internationally, having the right channels alongside a trustworthy supply chain is essential. Dubai is the perfect and safest place to line up a jewelry company. If you are interested in starting a jewelry business in Dubai, The company formation process is the first step to set it up.



Registering a Jewelry Business Setup in Dubai


Foreign investors who want to determine a jewelry business in Dubai can register a corporation within the emirate or in one of its free zones. In case they decide for a free port, the Gold and Diamond Park free port is that the perfect place if we take into consideration its name. Jewelry Business Setup in Dubai Apart from this, no local partner or sponsor is required when opening a jewelry business within the Gold and Diamond Park. Our company incorporation consultants in Dubai can assist in registering a business within the jewelry sector within the emirate within the free port.

Setting Up in the Right Jurisdiction Jewelry Business Setup in Dubai

The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) is the top choice for free zone incorporation. DMCC also provides its members with membership to the Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE) and features a purpose-built facility referred to as the “Jewellery & Gemplex annex” within the Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT) area. Jewelry Business Setup in Dubai DMCC has state-of-the-art facilities and offers products and services that directly support organizations in the jewelry sector to foster growth and facilitate trade.


Opening jewelry Business in Dubai

As mentioned above, entrepreneurs can benefit from the numerous advantages the free zones offer, especially in Gold and Diamond Park Free Zone where it is recommended to register your jewelry business Setup in Dubai. Once the name of your company has been established, besides preparing the documents, including the special licenses and permits obtained in this matter, one should consider the type of business he/she wants to deal with. For instance, you can sell imported jewelry, you can manufacture your own products if you have the precious metals or you can be a supplier of first-hand items.


Setting Up Your Jewelry Business Setup in Dubai

It is not so easy to set up a jewelry business in the country or earn from it. You need to plan properly and make sure that you are registered. Once you make your way to international channels and form a supply chain, you will start profiting from it.




1. Get A License For Jewelry Business in Dubai

First of all, you need to decide how you are going to incorporate into the jewelry industry, through the rightful channels. There are two main options for you:

  • DMCC

  • DED

The DMCC or Dubai Multi Commodities Center is great for people who are looking for free-zone incorporation. People registered at the center have a membership of DDE or the Dubai Diamond Exchange. The benefit of setting up in the free zone is that you do not need local sponsors and you get 100% ownership of your business.

The second option is to get a license from the Dubai Department of Economic Development. After getting this license, you can set up a shop in the Gold Souk market and deal with customers directly. Or you can set international trade close to Port Rashid.

2. Set A Trade Name for Jewelry Business in Dubai

The legal procedure for getting a license in Dubai requires you to have a trading name. This is mandatory as it allows the government to see the kind of business you will be doing.

3. Select The Premises For Jewelry Business in Dubai

If you get a license for operating in one of the free zones, the jurisdiction can aid you in finding the premises for your business. You have to ensure that you have amenities like water and electricity.

4. Hire Staff:

In most cases, the DED requires you to hire a manager before your registration is done. In a jewelry business, you will need a manager, as per the DED’s requirements.

DED Licensing Process

The Business Registration and Licensing (BRL) division in the Department of Economic Development (DED), reports that as of 2019, around 4000 companies operate in the jewelry and gold sector in Dubai with a local license. The most popular areas, which accounted for 46.5% of the total number of companies, are Al Dhagaya followed by Al Ras, Ayal Nasir, Burj Khalifa, Warqa Al Bateen, Al Muraqqabat, Port Said, and Al Rigga.

If your goal is to cater to the large tourist market, then getting a local license that permits you to set up shop in the Gold Souk or any of the commercial centers is the best option. Keep in mind though, as, with all local limited liability company licenses, you will need an Emirati national to have a 51% stake in the business. 

DMCC Licensing Process


If you opt to select DMCC for incorporation, the process is very straight forward. You will apply online via their dedicated company incorporation portal. The system is designed so that you upload all the documents electronically and are provided updates on an ongoing basis. Jewelry Business Setup in Dubai You will visit the free zone to sign the company incorporation documentation


Requirements to sell jewels & Jewelry Business Setup in Dubai

Both retail and wholesale of gold and other precious metals and jewelry are allowed in Dubai. Whether one decides to line up a stall within the Dubai Souk or in one among the various malls within the emirate, one must take into consideration the wants related to the quality of the materials used to create the jewels.

Jewelry Business Setup in Dubai can also import or export precious metals or ready-made jewelry which must first pass the inspection procedures imposed by the Gold Office in UAE. In order to try to that, a Dubai company must obtain a customs code number.

Why open a jewelry business Setup in Dubai?


First of all, the standard of the metals sold in Dubai is legendary everywhere the planet, therefore a jewelry company will never complain about the shortage of consumers. However, starting a jewelry business in Dubai has another great advantage: no value-added tax is going to be imposed on the sale of gold

How a Jewelry Business Setup in Dubai are often successful in Dubai

 A businessman who wants to generate easy money in a profitable industry like jewelry should focus on the quality of the products. Once the Gold Office in Dubai has approved your items, whether they are imported or manufactured by your company, and issued your customs code number, it is suggested to set up a marketing plan and start promoting your business.

 Besides an appropriate place for your shop, in Dubai Souk, the most important gold market within the Emirates, or within the malls, a jewelry company must align with the trends on the market and needs to identify with innovation and top quality, in order to be one step ahead in this important deluxe industry.

We remind that Dubai is well-known for the standard of jewelry on the market, which is why numerous tourists become regular clients whenever they visit the Emirates. Jewelry Business Setup in Dubai Benefits of starting a Gold Business in Dubai: the way to start a jewelry store in Dubai

100% ownership: There are many sorts of companies that will be incorporated under Dubai laws. Contrary to the indebtedness Company (LLC) clause where your stake as a foreigner is restricted, under Free zones, you get 100% ownership on your business. Under Dubai Free zones laws, one individual can found out the business and cord in maximum benefits of the business.

100% repatriation of capital and profits: All the profits incurred from business activities can be pulled back in the business as capital without having to pay any taxes. Jewelry Business Setup in Dubai Exemption on income tax: 24/7 operational facilities Giving the business owners benefits of an ‘always open’ business

Workforce: Expatriate workers can be easily hired with minimum paperwork and maximum government assistance. Easy access to all supporting business facilities: no matter what business function you choose, you would have supporting functions at your disposal at all times.

Central air conditioning: no worrying about the Dubai heat, with centralized AC complexes. Jewelry Business Setup in Dubai Tastefully build work environment with exhaust, ventilation systems, and acid waste disposal system

Secure at all times: Given the discreetness and security requirements of the gold business, business owners are provided 24/7 security personnel. In addition hi-tech video surveillance, fire alarm system, etc are installed in all units.

Jewelry Business Setup in Dubai Soon to be launched hallmarking by Dubai municipality for all gold manufactured and sold from Dubai gold and diamond park.


  • Shuttle services in and around the complex.

  • World-class retail center facilities for jewelry businessmen, to service gold buying shoppers.

  • Other add-on benefits are ample tenant parking, high tech building management system, flexible leasing option from 1-5 years.

  • The office spaces range from 310 sq. ft. to 14000 sq. ft.

Documents required for Jewelry Business Setup in Dubai with gold and diamond park management

  • Valid passport copies of the shareholders

  • Updated resume of the manager of the business

  • Proof of trade name

  • Proof of initial approval

  • Notarized memorandum of association and article of association

  • Notarized and attested power of attorney for legal representative of any

  • Lease agreement

Minimum capital requirement: just in case of Dubai local company, this requirement doesn’t apply. In the case of Free zone, jewelry business the minimum authorized capital of AED 150,000 is required. You are also required to submit rent to gold park management and 15% of annual unit rent as a refundable deposit. This is not inclusive of maintenance fees.

In addition to the above, you may also need to pay other licensing and permit fees to the government body depending upon the type of activity you will be undertaken in the gold business setup.

Impact of VAT on Gold Industry in UAE

More than 180 nationalities living within the UAE prefer to shop for gold in Dubai instead of their own countries as Dubai’s gold has worldwide been related to purity, quality, pricing, and last but not the smallest amount wide selection of variety at its offering. The industry experts, on the opposite hand, are bullish on the general scenario and outlook of the industry post VAT era also. While ruling out any major impact of VAT, retailers and consumers say that gold may be a commodity that has great value, and other people like it better to invest in.

The VAT (value-added tax) on gold Jewellery will likely apply to the entire piece, which effectively means an additional payout of Dh7-Dh8 a gram at today’s prices, according to industry sources. 


The decision to include gold Jewellery under VAT is spelled out in the Executive Regulation governing the application of value-added tax in the UAE.

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