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Laundry business Setup in UAE

Laundry has never been a particularly thrilling activity, but one which has important consequences which are hard to ignore. Laundry business Setup in UAE Apart from being one of the most widely used and time-saving services for people around the world,  Laundry business Setup in UAE

it also accounts for a more than a quarter of all water consumed by an average household and it is also responsible for dismissing large quantities of polluting detergent into the water systems and thus becoming one of the main pollutants in urban areas.


There are some general requirements that you should consider when you are going to initiate your laundry business. The License of a laundry fall under the professional license. The scope of the laundry License will be defined as below:

Business Activity laundry business setup in UAE Description:

 “Includes automatic and manual laundries Setup which undertake washing clothes, curtains, bedsheets, small carpets, mattresses, leather clothes, and products.”  Laundry business Setup in UAE



Laundries whether as standalone facilities or as a component of a larger establishment such as hotels, pose special safety and waste disposal problems. The following guideline outlines the Public Health and Safety Department’s protection and safety requirements for laundries.


A laundry business is easy to start. But, you’ve got to seek out the simplest location before you open the laundry business in Dubai, find out how you’ll differentiate yourself from the competition and research the value of supplies and fees  Laundry business Setup in UAE


Laundry license in Dubai permits washing of garments, bedsheets, curtains, carpets. It allows the laundry business to set up automatic washing and also manual washing and it includes washing clothes and leather products etc.


Laundry business is one of the booming businesses in recent years because people don’t have any time to scrub, dry, or iron their clothes. Laundry business may be a great opportunity to take a position in due to the way that it offers an answer to the people’s problems, which the rationale it’s in very high demand.


Dubai offers unlimited opportunities for investors. In recent years, there has been a huge increase in investment in the services industries such as Professionals, Travel & Tourism, Media, and Technology. There are many indicators that make the laundry business such a booming city for entrepreneurs.


Laundry business setup in Dubai is one of the booming businesses. Most people have a laundry business setup without prior experience, some succeed and become entrepreneurs but others fail.

While the thought of running a laundry seems as easy as taking dirty clothes and giving back washed clothes back, the truth stands different. Considering the laundry business to be easiest is the commonest mistake some entrepreneurs make. Hence, it’s highly recommended to do complete and in-depth research on the business.

Here is a simple guide to start a laundry business setup in UAE.

1. Research

First of all conduct research on laundry business Setup in UAE. You may want to go around and look at the current businesses. Identify how laundry services add UAE right from taking clothes from customers to returning it to them.

2. Investment

You should have sufficient information and investment to start the business. Remember that you will be spending on equipment, manpower, licenses & approvals, etc. Hence, plan your budget well in advance. Major capital goes in manpower.

Below are the different kinds of skilled workers required for a laundry business Setup in UAE

  • Laundry washers/machine operators

  • Steam ironworkers

  • Classic ironworkers

  • Drivers and cashier if required

  • Cleaners

3. Shop location and approvals

The next thing you have to do is to find a suitable location for your business. You need to possess an honest location so as to run your business. This becomes the landmark of your business. And also, your trade license are going to be issued from the authority supporting your location.

Below are three authorities in Dubai who provide approvals and issue licenses Laundry Business Setup from their respective areas. Hence, based on the location of your shop, you may approach the right authority.

DED: Most of Dubai

Trakhees: International City, Jumeirah, JVC & JVT, etc.



Once you rent the shop, ensure that Laundry Business Setup in UAE

you have an in-depth quotation and agreement with the contractor who will do the interiors. Do not proceed without a detailed contract. you agree on payment terms and obtain them signed by the contractor. Never pay the full amount in advance. Payment should be done only after completion of work.


4. Licensing

A Business license is mandatory for any entity to start a business in the UAE. Laundry business Setup in UAE


Requirements to apply for Laundry business Setup in UAE

1. Book a trading name and activity (DED)

2. Make the Tenancy Contract / Ejari (RERA)

3. Create a Memorandum with the sponsor for Laundry Business Setup (Dubai Courts)

4. Apply Establishment card  for Laundry Business setup( Amer Center / Dubai immigration)

5. Some other approvals required based on location.


Note: Most of the documentation is done at Tas-heel and Amer Center. Dubai government Laundry business setup has made services easy and convenient for all with these centers. Once you have all the above, you are ready to start your business. Go for a grand opening or simply open your shop and let the purchasers flow in.

Requirements Laundry Business Setup in UAE

  • No Smoking symbol/images should be available at the entry of a Laundry Business setup

  • The cloth used for ironing should be kept clean at all times.

  • Emergency contact numbers must be present in the facility.

  • Sleeping and cooking are not allowed in the working area of Laundry business in Dubai.

  • Foodstuffs should not be stored in the working area of the Laundry license in Dubai.

  • General cleanliness (i.e. below the ironing tables, drawers, cabinets, under the sink, corners of the wall, pantry area, curtains, exhausts, work area, washrooms, etc.) should be carried out for effective cleaning and disinfection to ensure hygiene within the working area.

  • Chairs / Sofa / Curtain made from non-absorbent substances should not be kept inside the working area.

  • Unwanted and personal things should not be kept inside the working area.

  • Machine for Laundry license in Dubai

  • Leaving a gap of a minimum of 1 meter from adjacent machines and the permanent fixture/wall.

  • The aisle or gangway of 1 meter shall be maintained.

  • Proper electrical isolation switches for all the machines will be given and effectively accessible.

  • ELCB shall be provided in all electrical circuits. 

  • All pulleys and belt drives shall be securely guarded and maintained.

  • Consistent checks for rollers use for pressing long sheets. 

  • For an emergency stop, Additional stop bars switches shall be provided.



Storage of Chemicals: for Laundry Business in UAE


  • Chemicals used in Laundry services will be stored in a separate room for identifying them as harsh, flammable, and incompatible chemicals. 

  • Safety measures in handling chemicals as given in the material safety data sheet shall be followed.

  • Separate the bleaches from all other chemicals and any rags, lubricants, or other flammable materials. 

  • The chemicals drum or containers shall be properly characterized.

Color Coding of Lines:

  • The proper color-coding of water, steam, diesel, or gas lines used for boilers shall be followed.


A working area of Laundry business in UAE must provide the accompanying:


  • Sufficient number of separate Laundry baskets and carts will be available

  • Laundry basket or carts must be marked for a wash as well as unwashed cloth

  • Emergency care (First aid) box full of medication with a valid shelf life

  • A sufficient number of separate tables as well as a rack for clean clothes shall be available.

  • Ceramic Hand wash basin should be provided with liquid hand soap.

Delivery Van for Laundry license in Dubai:


  • Provide enough distinct laundry bags for gathering washed as well as unwashed clothes. 

  • Delivery vans shall be provided with an aluminum sheet to hold the laundry bags. 

  • Provide a hanger to hold the cloth. 

  • Daily cleaning worksheet shall be present. Also, the dirty and clean cloth should be kept separate in the delivery vehicle

What are the Documents Required to Start a Laundry Business in Dubai?


  • Passport size picture must be with a white background

  • Passport copy of the shareholders

  • Tourist visa or residence visa with an entry stamp

  • Passport copy of the local sponsor

  • Copy of Emirates ID of the local sponsor

  • Family book of the local partner

  • CV

  • Business plan

  • Utility bill of the shareholders

  • Ejari (Tenancy contract)



  • The choice of the right location is very important like a mass residential area.

  • This business can be started with less manpower at most 2 individuals

  • Expats in UAE who do not have laundry facility in their accommodations are prospective customers

  • The other hospitality domains can be served on a contractual basis if quality service is provided

  • Flyers, banners, and pamphlets are sufficient to advertise the business

  • Arrangement of pick and drop off services of clothes will add the value

  • Starch, dry cleaning and wet cleaning will bring more customers

  • Cheap and large back end service space can be hired for better operations

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