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Medicines Trading Business Setup in Dubai

Medical or Healthcare business is booming all over the world. Medicines Trading Business Setup in Dubai The people in the UAE lead a hectic work and social life. As per a survey conducted by WHO, one in three adults in UAE are obese, and one in five is diabetes. Thus, there is a need to provide high-quality health care facilities to the citizens of the country.

The healthcare facility of the country has improved significantly in the past few years with the aim to provide top class diagnostic and treatment facilities to the citizens. The UAE government is doing all that it can to woo medical tourists to the country by providing excellent healthcare facilities.

UAE has a lot of advantages that help in the development of the healthcare facility. The country has an excellent infrastructure and well-built transportation and logistics facility that helps to connect people from different parts of the world. In addition to this, the country has adopted Start Medical Equipment Trading Business in Dubai an innovation-driven approach to boosting the healthcare industry.

All this provides an excellent opportunity for the medical business set up in Dubai. Any start medical Equipment Trading  Business in Dubai Activity has to be registered as either Mainland or Free Zone structure, however, both structures require certain approvals from the following authorities:


  1. Dubai Municipality.

  2. Ministry of health.

  3. Department of Environment.

Pharmacy Medicines Trading Business Setup in Dubai :


A specialized facility licensed to sell and prepare registered drugs, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and dispense herbal and medical drugs against medical prescription, according to the laws and regulations issued by the competent authority of UAE. It is supervised by a licensed pharmacist who works permanently in the pharmacy.

Types Medicines Trading Business Setup in Dubai


Para Pharmaceutical Trading Business in Dubai:

Includes reselling para-pharmaceutical products not directly used for medication or treatment, including plasters, after-shave lotions, creams, anti-smoking products, toothpaste, mouth wash, and other sterilization products.


Drug Store:

A facility licensed to import and store registered pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and herbal medicines alternative medicine drugs and distributes  Medicines Trading Business Setup in Dubai  the same on a wholesale basis. For the Free Zone Registration, I strongly recommend forming this particular Business with Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC).


Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) is the first medical free zone in the world. The rapidly increasing population growth and an economic boom in the Middle East has given Dubai Healthcare City the impetus to provide local and international patients with an extensive range of medical care.


 Medicines Trading Business Setup in Dubai With a total number of 19,523 healthcare professionals in both the private and public sectors including 6,064 doctors, Dubai is the perfect platform for DHCC.



ADVANTAGES OF Medicines Trading Business Setup in Dubai


  • 100% Tax-Free

  • 100% Foreign Ownership

  • No Corporate Tax

  • No Income Tax

  • No Custom Duty

  • No Restrictions On Capital, Trade Barriers Or Quotas

  • Competitive Pricing

COMMERCIAL BENEFITS OF Medicines Trading Business Setup in Dubai



  • Low Operating Costs

  • State Of The Art Facilities

  • Flexible Real Estate Design To Suit The Industry

  • Integrated Healthcare Community Providing Specialized First-Class Medical Care

  • Access To Network Of Regional Healthcare Professionals

  • Attractive Investment Opportunity And Financial Return

  • Increased Brand Exposure


  • No Bureaucracy

  • One-Stop-Shop For Government Services

  • Business Support Services

  • Hassle-Free Company Registration

  • Hassle-Free Company Laws And Legal Framework

  • Quick Access To Knowledge Workers Due To Fast Track Immigration Process



REGISTRATION SNAPSHOT Medicines Trading Business Setup in Dubai

Step 1: Selecting your unit:


The first step is to choose your unit in DHCC and sign a reservation agreement (10% of the annual rent, refundable in case the initial application got rejected in step 2) & AED 3,500 as Admin fee (the admin fee is non-refundable in case the initial application in step 2 got rejected).


  • The average unit size is: 1,000 sq.ft. – 1,500 sq.ft.

  • The average annual rent is: 190 AED/ sq.ft.


Business Canter Concepts


  1. Executive Desk size: 50 sq. ft.
    Executive Desk rate: AED 60,000 per annum
    Visa eligibility: 2
    Lease term: Minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 2 years

  2. Executive Office: 100 – 200 sq. ft.
    Executive Desk rate: AED 100,000 per annum
    Visa eligibility: 3
    Lease term: Minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 2 years

Requirements to Start a Medical Equipment trading business in Dubai


  • All the medical devices must be approved by the UAE Ministry of Health (MOH) Drug Registration and Control Department

  • Filled application form, signed and stamped by an authorized person in the company

  • Issuing a notarized and authorized original letter to a local establishment, giving an authority to submit the registration files on their behalf to the Drug Department & Distribution Rights

  • Valid ISO 13485 certificate issued by the corresponding authority in the country of origin for each site involved in the manufacturing process of medical devices (notarized and legalized)

  • Detailed company profile

  • Products list manufactured or assembled by the site

  • Legal and valid manufacturing license issued by the competent authority in the country of origin

  • Once the procedure is completed in UAE, the Ministry of Health provides a registration number with the 5-year validity

Documents Required to Start a Medical Equipment Trading Business in Dubai, UAE


  • Application form from the Department of Economic Development (DED) to register the business

  • Notarized and authorized letter to be submitted to the Ministry of Health for getting the required clearance for the imports of medical devices.

  • ISO 13485 certification issued for the manufacturing unit of medical devices in the country of origin.

  • Company profile in detail

  • List of products manufactured and imported to the UAE

  • Manufacturing license of the company in the country of origin.

  • Documents Required to Complete the Registration Process

  • The license of the medical warehouse issued by MOHAP

  • The license of the pharmacist in charge of the warehouse

  • Valid trade license of the warehouse

  • Product Minor Variation Certificate, if any

  • Information, catalog, and pictures of each product as per the invoice

  • Product Registration Certificate, if any

  • Certificate of free sale issued by the country of Uae

  • Good Manufacturing Certificate (GMP)

  • Purchase invoice and include the country of origin and dates of production and expiry

  • Product Quality Certificate (C.E. – ISO – FDA Certificate)

Applying for Start Medical Equipment Trading Business in Dubai

Foreign investors who want to open companies within the  Medicines Trading Business Setup in Dubai must concentrate on the qualifications of the personnel providing medical services. Start Medical Equipment Trading Business in Dubai The following licenses are often obtained by those practicing a medical community in Dubai:– a general practice license


  • a physician license;

  • a dentist license;

  • a nurse license;

  • an allied healthcare professional license;

  • clinical operating permit.

Company Registration with the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) for Medical Equipment Trading Business in Dubai

As the product is registered with the authority and classified, the importer has two options to initiate the trade.

Option -1 Direct Selling

  1. Take a minimum warehouse space and register as an authorized reseller of the devices from the Dubai Economy (form an LLC Company in the Mainland of UAE).

  2. Warehouses with International Standard for storing Medical Devices Safely

  3. The warehouse has got to be equipped to store the medical devices safely and has got to meet international standards. It will enable you to directly sell to hospitals or any health facility.

  4. The health facility or hospital has to have a qualified employee to operate the medical devices.

Option -2 Using an Intermediate Registered Agent


If a company is using a third-party registered agent there is no requirement of any warehouse space.  Medicines Trading Business Setup in Dubai  The registered agent will act as the authorized reseller and distribute the medical devices on behalf of your company.

How to Get a Medical Equipment Trading Company Registration in UAE?

No imported medical Product will clear the customs unless the pre-approval is issued by the UAE Ministry of Health. Start Medical Equipment Trading Business in Dubai One needs to get a medical warehouse license from the Ministry of Health. The UAE Ministry of Health will inspect the warehouse prior to issuing the license of medical. Once the location and warehouse have been inspected, the company must provide the relevant documents to the authority. The required documents are:


  • Proof of the inspection

  • Information relating to the medical and pharmaceutical devices that the company intends to import

  • Once the documents have been reviewed, the authority has the right to accept or reject the proposal

  • If the Ministry accepts the file, it is passed to a final committee at the Ministry of Health

  • The final committee meets four times a year to review all the proposals, and the best one is given the import license

  • If the application is rejected, the authority will provide the reason as to why. This permits the company to make the necessary adjustments and apply again for the same.

What are the Steps Involved in the Import of Medical Equipment in the UAE?

Step 1: Opening an LLC Company in Dubai Mainland

To start your operations of import and distribution of medical devices in Dubai, you must register as an LLC Company with the DED.  Medicines Trading Business Setup in Dubai  For this registration, you must select the appropriate business activity related to the nature of the business. Then, register with the customs to get the import/export code for shipping in the medical devices into the country.

Step 2: Register the Medical Products with the Ministry of Health

The company’s medical products must be registered with the Ministry of Health in Dubai.  Concerned Health Authorities must approve the right business activities, medical products before selling them in the UAE.  Medicines Trading Business Setup in Dubai Obtain all legal documentation and clearances before conducting trade in the UAE to avoid penalties and legal actions.

Step 3: Working with a Local Distribution Agent


On the other hand, the company can engage a local distribution agent or commercial agent. The local distributors/agents are registered with the Ministry of Health for carrying out imports and distribution of medical products in Dubai, UAE. Start Medical Equipment Trading Business in Dubai On behalf of the company, the agent will then register the medical products with the Ministry of health. The commercial agency/local agent will own the distribution rights of the product in the UAE.

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