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Opening Restaurant in Dubai

Restaurant setup in Dubai | open buffet Dubai

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There are several things you can take into consideration when planning to open a restaurant in Dubai and we have prepared a comprehensive list of those things. This list will help you open the restaurant of your dreams in the luxurious city of Dubai. .

Opening a Food and Beverage business in the free zone and Mainland can be a very lucrative business for entrepreneurs..

  • Business Setup
  • PRO Services
  • Interior Fit out
  • Kitchen Equipment Provide

Opening Restaurant in Dubai

There are several things you can take into consideration when planning to open a restaurant in Dubai and we have prepared a comprehensive list of those things. This list will help you open the restaurant of your dreams in the luxurious city of Dubai.

The Food and Beverage Industry is a pretty lucrative business industry in the Middle East as the Middle East is considered the place with culinary delights. One can find not only the local cuisines but also the cuisines of various parts of the world. 

As people from all over the world come to the UAE and along with them, they bring the food culture of their nation. One of the key reasons why people travel to places in the UAE like Dubai is to have a taste of world cuisine and enrich their traveling experience.

Businessmen and Entrepreneurs from all over the world are eyeing the restaurant business in Dubai. Nearly 2000 restaurants have opened up in Dubai in the last one and a half years alone. 

People are willing to try new cuisines, new food specialties, and tantalize their taste buds and Dubai is the best place for this as there are people of all nationalities and from various places across the globe

Why is Dubai an exciting place to open a restaurant business?

Diverse pool of customers

coming to Dubai from every part of the world i.e. Asia, Europe, Africa, America, the Middle East, and Australia.

  • The tourism industry is booming.

Utmost focus and commitment of Dubai government towards economy and GDP. The government plays a vital role in the success of Dubai, a city that is full of resorts, marvelous buildings, eye-catching sceneries, and hospitality.

The above-mentioned food code is applicable to the following types of Opening Restaurant in Dubai.

  1. 1 Restaurants, hotels, cafeterias, and cafes.
  2. 2 Bakeries
  3. 3 Butcheries
  4. 4 Foodservice operation institution in schools and       hospitals.
  5. 5 Supermarket, grocery, and departmental stores.
  6. 6 Food factories and warehouses
  7. 7 Food catering services, supplies to the cruise                ship, desert camps, events, and canteens
  8. 8 Food packing material manufacturers and                     supplies Kiosks, temporary and permanent food          events, and  mobile vending operations

Opening Restaurant License in Dubai

Before starting a restaurant in Dubai, you need to obtain two different types of licenses. The details about these two licenses are given below: 

  • Trade License Opening Restaurant in Dubai

  • The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing provides a trade license for business setup in Dubai. You must select an appropriate food establishment type you want to operate in. This is important as it will be specified in the license that you acquire.

    After this step is done, you must also get your construction plans vetted and approved by the food control department of Dubai after which you will receive your trade license.

Food License Opening Restaurant in Dubai


A food license is provided by the Food Safety Department in Dubai. This license will help the business in dealing with edible items across the UAE. There are a number of documents that are required to obtain such a license. The following documents must be produced before the food safety department to obtain the cafeteria license or for any food business in Dubai.

  • Copy of the trade license or primary approval from the authority that issues the trade license. Interior design layout of the premises, if applicable. This is essentially a blueprint of your restaurant that must contain the following in the restaurant

    1. 1 The entry and exit passages
    2. 2 Space for processing food
    3. 3 Space for storing food
    4. 4 The windows and ventilation system
    5. 5 Location of food equipment that will be used to process the food
    6. 6 Washing machines, dishwashers, and other supportive equipment


  • Additionally, approval from the planning department is required if the restaurant is located outside the shopping center.You must also apply for NOC on foodstuff establishment trade license from the food safety department This service will enable you to complete the procedure of issuing trade license related to the food activity/establishment which is provided by the Department of Economic Development (DED) e.g. Jebel Ali free zone, Dubai investments park, et

Other Licenses Opening Restaurant in Dubai

For conducting a business activity other than food or any other deviation, the business needs to apply for a different license. In case you are looking for special licenses like a liquor license, then there is a separate procedure that must be applied with Dubai police headquarters. Following documents are required:

1 Application form

2 Copy of the passport

3 Application fee

4 Two photos

One must know that the Dubai government imposes a 30% tax on the sale of liquor and there are certain other fees also required for the sale of liquor like the fee for importing liquor, a fee for selling liquor, etc.

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Cost of Opening a Restaurant in Dubai

Setting up a restaurant business in Dubai requires planning, development, and government procedures, which means you must set aside a budget for your business setup. 

The expenses involved in starting a cafeteria in Dubai may vary depending on various factors such as the location, commercial space, number of employees, and other factors. Apart from planning the business and creating menus and price points, it is also essential to consider the costs of government procedures.

We at BCM Corporate Services LLC are restaurant business consultants in Dubai who design special business setup packages keeping in mind expenses that would incur during the initial stages of restaurant business setup in Dubai.

Opening Restaurant in Dubai

Food Safety Measures

Each restaurant must appoint qualified personnel when they start operating. This person will be responsible for the operations of the business and will be appointed by the person in charge of training for the restaurant. This person must also undergo specialized training so that he can perform the business activities in an easy fashion and without error. Opening Restaurant in Dubai

Other special permits are as follows

  1. 1 . For food transportation: A vehicle permit is required.
  2. 2 . For food truck: Food truck license is required
  3. 3 . For handling and serving pork: A pork permit is required
  4. 4 . Food consignment release license 

Types of licenses for opening a Restaurant in Dubai

There are several licenses that must be obtained when setting up a restaurant in Dubai. Among these are:

  • 1. The trade license which is issued upon the registration of the company;
  • 2. The food license which grants the business the right to process and handle food;
  • 3. The construction license, in case the owner wants the restaurant to operate in a new building;
  • 4. A liquor license, which requires special attention and must be obtained from the police department;
  • 5. A no objection letter from the Dubai municipality must also be obtained.


Choose your kitchen and contractors very, very carefully


“As with any project, shaving money off costs by going with a cheaper contractor will only cost more in the long run. Delayed openings are not uncommon in Dubai, but hold-ups can be avoided by tendering out the building contract and asking for references.

Restaurant owners should make sure they check their contractor’s previous work because the fit-out of food and beverage units can be very different from other projects.


Key Factors for Dubai Restaurant Construction


There are different criteria that a person has to keep in mind before starting a restaurant business in the UAE.

Before commencing works, approval must be sought from the food control section. Three copies of the proposed kitchen design/layout plans and equipment details must be provided from a registered engineering office for approval. Here is an example of guidelines for a restaurant setup.

  • 1 . Wall, floor, and ceiling to be washable, absorbent, fireproof, lightly colored, and must contain no cracks.
  • 2 . There should be adequate ventilation and lighting
  • 3 . The area of the kitchen must be 300 sq. feet of 40% of the total restaurant is, whichever is bigger
  • 4 . There should be a storage area for dry/chilled and frozen food items
  • 5 . If there is a tandoor in the kitchen the minimum area should be 380 sq. ft.
  • 6 . Washing facilities must be present with hot and cold water.

It is very important to obtain a No objection letter from the Dubai Municipality-Public health department before the commencement of the work. Businessmen may face closer action in case you fail to comply.

Opening a Food and Beverage business in the free zone can be a very lucrative business for entrepreneurs. The business can take advantage of the various features of the free zone as well as the different benefits available in the food and beverage sector.

  1. 1 . Location of Outlet off course
  2. 2 . Kitchen size 
  3. 3 . Storage Space for Raw Materials 
  4. 4 . Storage for Processed Food 
  5. 5 . Wash Basin, Dish wash & Oil processed food washbasin
  6. 6. Kitchen equipments to be used, Like a furnace, Gas stove, exhaust, etc


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