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How to Register a Company in Dubai From India?

UAE is a popular business hub for investors around the world. For Indians and entrepreneurs in India, .  Register a company in Dubai from India UAE is the most preferred business destination. Registering a company in UAE from India is a relatively straightforward process.

However, there are many steps to it and must be handled the right way. There are various options for foreign investors to set up a company in UAE. .  Register a company in Dubai from India Entrepreneurs can choose between the Free Zones and Mainland depending on their specific business requirements.

In recent years, more and more businessmen are exploring the possibility to Register a Company in Dubai from India. In this insight, we discuss the .  Register a company in Dubai from India requirements and procedures to Register a UAE Company and set up Business in UAE for Indian Businessmen and other Foreign Nationals.


The requirements for registering a company in UAE keep changing to make them more business-friendly for foreign investors. One of the latest changes that have been introduced is that a local sponsor is no longer required for mainland companies unless the company operates in a strategic sector. Registering your UAE Company to start doing business in UAE has just become simpler.


The process of forming a company in Dubai is straightforward; all that is needed is the name of the business you intend to register, along with the directors’ passports and photos. No additional paperwork is needed to register a company in Dubai. There is no requirement for two people to register a company; one person can do it. .  Register a company in Dubai from India


The entire company setup process will last two to three weeks and can be completed remotely from any location in the world. However, you will need to travel to the UAE if you need a bank account in a physical bank with branches.

Steps to Register a Company in Dubai From India

Follow this step-by-step guide to register your company in Dubai from India:



  1. Finalize your business activities

  2. Register a unique trading name for your company

  3. Choose a business jurisdiction

  4. Draft the LSA/MOA

  5. Apply for a business license

  6. Apply for an Emirates ID, investor visa

  7. Apply for a business bank account

Benefits of Setting up an Indian Company in Dubai

Indian businesses with cutting-edge concepts have been able to develop and mature in a variety of ways thanks to Dubai’s diverse business model. Why Dubai? must be the first thought that came to mind. Consider the advantages of expanding and starting a business in Dubai or another UAE city. 


If you apply logic, there are several reasons why someone might want to expand or start a business in Dubai. One of the explanations is that the Dubai government has made sure to provide prosperous business chances to various businesses and entrepreneurs from across the world. Here are a few of the benefits: 


  • A tax-free status. 

  • Business accessibility. 

  • Potential clients in the Middle East and Africa.  

  • Purchasing Dubai real estate in the name of a corporation. 

  • Making Investments in Digital Assets and Cryptocurrencies. 

  • Making investments around the world and establishing Dubai Company as a holding company. 

  • On a case-by-case basis, numerous additional advantages. 

  • For these reasons, many entrepreneurs register an Indian Company in Dubai and conduct business through their Dubai Company. 


A company in Dubai may be established in either the Mainland of Dubai or one of its Free zones. It is recommended that you establish your business in mainland Dubai if your clients are based there. However, registering a business in the Free zone should be preferred if your target market is outside of Dubai. 


Freezone versus Mainland Tax Rates in the UAE 


The tax rates are the primary factor in why many Indians (especially online businesses) choose to establish their companies in Dubai. 


There was absolutely no tax in the entire United Arab Emirates up until a few years ago. Neither an income tax nor a VAT/GST or any other kind of tax existed.


However, starting in June 2023, Mainland entities’ profits over 3,75,000 UAE Dirhams will be subject to 9% Corporate Tax. Only Mainland-based entities are subject to this tax; free zone-based entities are not. 


In addition to the 9% Corporate Tax, mainland companies selling in the UAE are subject to VAT. Most items have a 5% VAT rate. If any company sells from the Free Zone to Mainland, they are also subject to 5% VAT. 


When a bank account is opened, Internet Banking is activated, allowing users to access their accounts from anywhere in the world without having to stay in the United Arab Emirates.

What Is the Cost of Company Registration in Dubai?

There is no significant figure when it comes to the cost of registering a company in the UAE. This is because the cost depends on various factors which include the company location, license type, visa requirements, size of your office, and many more. 


The Cost of Company Registration in the UAE varies depending on factors such as business jurisdiction, location, office space requirements, and more.



For Free Zone company registration in Dubai, the cost starts from AED 11,900 for a Zero visa quota company. Similarly, to set up a mainland Limited Liability company, the cost starts from AED 20,000 for a services license.



There are various choices available for investors when it comes to setting up a company in UAE. .  Register a company in UAE from India Entrepreneurs can choose from 40 plus Free Trade Zones and Mainland of UAE depending on their specific business requirements.



It is advisable to seek business advice from an expert Business Consultant for setting up a company in UAE. Especially for Indian investors who are new to the UAE Market, business consultants will guide them the right way.

Business Licenses in Dubai

Documents Required to Register a Company in Dubai From India


  • Passport-size photographs of the company registration applicant

  • Application form

  • A copy of LSA’s Emirati ID

  • LSA and MoA documents (notarized and attested)

  • Passport copies of all the legal participants 

  • External approvals (if applicable)

  • Tourist visa of the company registration applicant

  • Ejari number of the rental space agreement/Business center sustainability contract

Multiple Benefits for Indian Investors from Company Setup in UAE

  1. Grow Business Internationally

  2. Avail Lower Taxation on Business Profits

  3. Focus on Local UAE Market

  4. Global Connectivity

  5. Four Hour Flight Time

  6. Access to more than 2Billion Population

  7. Easy Company Formation and Visa Processing

  8. Purchase Property in UAE

  9. Transparent Government and Legal Entities

  10. Zero Crime Rate and Safety

  11. Advanced Business Infrastructure

  12. Improved Social Life

So in a nutshell, there are numerous business benefits for the investors in setting up a company in UAE. Also,.  Register a company in UAE from India UAE is a perfect choice for settling down for business owners with their families.

The real estate sector in the country is constantly offering high-return investment opportunities..  Register a company in UAE from India UAE has some of the best ultra luxurious as well as affordable properties for investors to purchase.


Opening a Branch/ Subsidiary of an Indian Company in the UAE

An existing Indian Company having an active business network in India can set up a branch or subsidiary of their Indian Company in UAE.

There are a few additional documents required to register an Indian company’s branch in UAE. The Indian Parent Company documents such as the Incorporation Certificate, Good Standing Certificate, Trade License, .  Register a company in Dubai from India Memorandum of Association, etc., will be required as proof of stating the existence of the parent company in India.

The Indian Company’s document must be attested by the UAE Embassy in India and Counter Attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE..  Register a company in Dubai from India


Once the attestation is obtained, the branch company registration process can be initiated in UAE with the help of an expert .  Register a company in UAE from India Business Consultant such as Bcm


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