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How to Setup E-commerce Business in Dubai

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How to Setup E-commerce Business in Dubai

Setup E-commerce Business License has been a growing demand in Dubai, UAE. The United Arab Emirates–having the most advanced e-commerce market in the whole MENA region–is set to hit a staggering US$16 billion (AED 59 billion) e-commerce transactions in 2019 according to the joint study published by Dubai Economy ‘UAE eCommerce ’. Average annual growth of 23 percent was also projected between 2018 and 2022.

Several factors have contributed to the UAE’s global e-commerce positioning, including the rise of startups and tech-savvy consumers in the country. More importantly, the UAE government plays a vital role in reinforcing smart transactions between businesses and consumers today by expanding cashless payment options for various types of purchases and government services in the country. .

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Business Setup Services in Dubai

Setup E-commerce Business in Dubai

There are so many choices to get an E-commerce license in Dubai. It’s a vital tool for international corporations. People from everywhere on the planet are seeking to line up E-commerce Business business links with Dubai. It’s additionally important; as a result of except beginning a mercantilism affiliation; for several corporations, there are distinct advantages in being on the spot to analysis market;

 and additionally, explore business prospects, build contacts, links with customers, and see through the small print of any dealings and orders command. Having an associate E-commerce business license in Dubai will give giant mercantilism benefits in Dubai. Expat within the region choose to touch upon people who they apprehend and trust, and private relations are far more essential in doing Setup E-commerce Business within the Dubai;

 then they’re within a different part of the planet. Also, buying various countries like Dubai. The UAE native market is extremely predictable, therefore, regardless of what you expect. Incorporating associate e-commerce companies in Dubai is simple, however, you can’t flout the laws and laws whereas doing, therefore,

 The Dubai authorities don’t enable an associate random person to launch an e-commerce store and begin commercialism merchandise. If you would like to line up an online business in Dubai, you’ve needed to use for associate e-commerce license. It’s issued an e-commerce license by the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai. 

How to Setup E-commerce Business in Dubai

Your business isn’t thought-about legal if you do not have a license for it. There’s a procedure you wish to follow whereas applying for this license. There are many of us who do their Setup E-commerce Business through the internet; in several components of the planet from their own desk.

In easy words, we are able to say that the power of telecommunication has increased the capability of individuals towards different varied fields in addition. Dubai additionally supports the web business by giving a license, i.e., E-commerce license Dubai. In recent days the setup of a corporation was strict the simplest native market; therefore, in the start, they were wanting to require a hold of the native market; then slowly select the massive markets.

However currently, net facilitates loads in connecting people Setup E-commerce Business from totally different parts of the planet. So, it’s terribly easy to mention that everything is an amendment in a very in no time approach through the internet; as we are able to take the instance of E-commerce license Dubai that’s specializing in online business, and it’s leading your future business to success.

The E-commerce license UAE plays a good bigger role in web shopping; that’s extremely fruitful for the people and carries a lot of advantages. The 2017 international summary report showed some exciting statistics; quite half the world’s population currently uses E-commerce Business on the internet; nearly 2 thirds have a smart phone, and one in 5 people are searching online business each day.

The impact of this excellent digital property on business is extremely large. The UAE people are keen to shop online; with quite ninetieth of the UAE, the population having access to the online. E-commerce business in UAE is currently one of the quickest growing business sectors within the UAE.


Online Setup E-commerce Business licenses in the UAE’s mainland

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If you would like to determine a web business within the UAE’s mainland, you've got to use it through the Department of Economic Development (DED) within the respective emirate. All E-commerce trade licenses require the approval of the Telecommunications regulatory agency also, which is responsible for regulating eCommerce framework and transactions within the UAE.

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The Setup E-commerce Business license (Tajer Abu Dhabi)

The E-Commerce license from the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) allows entrepreneurs to feature their e-commerce online trade activities to their existing licenses, or obtain a replacement license of business to conduct business through websites and social media networks.

Owners of electronic trade licenses can use the eCommerce mark (eTajer) and a serial number for the license so as to use it during the promotion of products. In 2018, ADDED expanded the license package to incorporate all GCC nationals and UAE residents under three legal forms:

  • 1. establishment for Emiratis and GCC nationals
  • 2. one-person company for Emiratis and GCC nationals
  • 3. limited liability company for partnership with Emiratis.
  • It also raised the number of eligible activities covered by the license to 1057. All are exempt from having a physical presence or an office.

Process of Setup E-commerce Business license in Dubai

Choose your jurisdiction (mainland or free zone)


If you’re choosing a mainland, your e-commerce license in Dubai is issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED). If you opt for the free zone, the portal license is issued by the relevant free zone authority.


Decide on your legal structure


It is often a sole establishment, LLC, civil company, branch, or representative office.

Also read: Different types of legal structures in the UAE


Register your trade name


You must reserve your brand name and acquire an initial approval certificate from the DED.

Also read: What to name your company in the UAE

Required documents Setup E-commerce Business

  • 1.  Passport/visa copies of the shareholders
  • 2.  Copy of sponsors passport/ Emirates ID
  • 3.  Local service agreement/ Civil works agreement
  • 4.  NOC from the relevant authority
  • 5.  Draft an MOA
  • 6.  Final approval

Submit all the documents with the Tenancy Contract and Ejari to the relevant authority for the final approval. Open a corporate bank account after receiving the license.

Also read:

How to open a corporate bank account E-commerce Business

If you’re curious about fixing your e-commerce store in UAE, you’ll calculate your cost here.

If you require any further information on an e-commerce license and applying for an e-commerce license in UAE, you may contact us to book a free consultation with our business setup experts.

How to found out an e-commerce business in Dubai

With such positive growth forecasts on the e-commerce economy, it’s high time to start your online business now more than ever. In order to work legally, you want to obtain a trade license from a free port or Mainland authority before proceeding. Here’s the way to found out your e-commerce business within the UAE:


  1. 1. Choose the right jurisdiction and get a trade license

Choosing between a Free Zone and the Mainland authority will entirely depend on the nature of your online business. A mainland license gives you the freedom to trade or sell your products and services directly to the local market while a free zone license will require you to work with a local distributor. In this case, consider the factors from which your business can benefit more in terms of market reach and scalability. Also read: Mainland or free zone E-Commerce business which one is suitable for you?



  1. 2. Develop, build, and launch your website

The most important aspect of your e-commerce business is your website. It may take a while to build and test your website, but it’s worth spending time and effort as it will serve as your stage to showcase your products or services, a platform to gain and interact with customers, and your primary tool for making profits. So to build an income-generating website you have to keep in check its user-friendliness, web maintenance, secure hosting, and mobile usability among other things.



  1. 3. Include online payment gateways

As an e-commerce business, it is necessary to present different payment options to your consumers. Integrated secure payment gateways that include credit card payments and prepaid card systems are the most convenient ways to do this. Another payment option is cash-on-delivery (COD), which comes in very handy for various situations.

  1. 4. Secure logistics, storage, and delivery

If your online business involves physical products to sell or trade, it is mandatory to have proper warehousing to store your goods. This factor is equally important when deciding the jurisdiction to set up your company. Once you secure a warehouse and office space, the next thing on your list is to establish a reliable logistics system to ensure the efficient delivery of your products to your consumers. You can opt for third-party logistics or build your own.

  1. 5. Market your products or services

Once your business is ready to roll out in the market and after having all things in place, everything still boils down to your marketing strategy. The best way to do this is by targeting the right market for your products and services. Consequently, create an effective marketing plan that aligns your products and services to the needs and wants of your target consumers.

These are just some of the steps you need to consider before starting an online business in the UAE. Depending on the nature of your business, you may or may not need more steps than those mentioned above. Decisive Zone helps you to urge your e-commerce license in UAE with no hassle.

We will help you choose the right jurisdiction, structure, and type for your business activity.

There are many kinds of activities you can do online and we can brief you about all the possibilities you have in the online business industry. This is a rising industry and you’ll build your empire online with the proper business setup guidance. We have solutions to all your queries related to licensing requirements for online businesses in the UAE.

Advantages of Obtaining an E-Commerce License in Dubai

Autonomy to repatriate
capital and income

No currency restrictions
100% foreign ownership

Low operating

0% corporate and
personal tax

No import duties
on e-commerce license

Resident visa granted
for 2 years

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