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How to Start Petroleum Products company in UAE

Started a Petroleum Products company in the UAE. The global markets for oil, gas, and refined petroleum products presented a much more favorable environment for trading. We have been moving away from a world where the primary Start Petroleum Products company in UAE. Oil trade was crude from the producers of the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America moving to the US and Europe. Instead, with the rise of Chinese and now Indian demand, Start Petroleum Products company in UAE.


The crude oil market was in a state of backwardness throughout the year, with spot supply constrained by such factors as the impact of US sanctions on Iranian and Venezuelan crude exports. At the same time, geopolitical concerns and the ongoing trade conflict between the US and China drove volatility in both prices and flows. 

Start Petroleum Products company in UAE

A company whose performance stems from the hardworking efforts Start Petroleum Products company in UAE.and capability of the partners. For example, a media business is a professional company since its activities rely on academic qualifications and the experience of its employees.


To ensure that UAE Business remains competitive the government requires that all shareholders have educational qualifications and follow the right methods on professional company formation in Dubai.


The UAE remains popular among foreign investors. Multinational companies have opened branches in Dubai and other places in the emirates in the UAE to increase their international clientele to Start Petroleum Products company in UAE.


The United Arab Emirates holds the reserves of oil and gas, most of them in Abu Dhabi. UAE holds 4% of the UAE’s oil and gas reserves. Not long ago, the Energy Minister of the UAE declared the country will Start Petroleum Products company in UAE


New development projects within the oil and gas sector, which can represent an excellent opportunity for both local and foreign investors curious about opening petroleum companies in Dubai and therefore the other Emirates

Start Petroleum Products company in UAE

How to Start Petroleum Products company in UAE

As mentioned above, the exploitation and extraction of petroleum-based products in Dubai are approved by the government through concession agreements. According to Business Law, foreign companies are allowed to participate as minority shareholders in state-controlled companies or in state-controlled holding companies in Dubai.


There also are special-purpose companies, called project-specific concession companies established with the only purpose of collaborating with international enterprises. If you would like to line up a petroleum company, our incorporation agents in Dubai will help with the registration procedure.


The taxation of Start Petroleum Products company in UAE

Dubai features a corporate tax regime, but just in case of petroleum companies concluding concession agreements, the govt must assess the terms of those contracts so as to determine liabilities. When it involves importing and exporting petroleum products, Dubai companies are applied a 5% tax for imports.


There are no taxes for exporting petroleum products. For more information associated with investment incentives within the oil and gas industry, please contact our Dubai company registration agents.

Crude Oil and Start Petroleum Products company in UAE


Oil and Gas trading is a key business in UAE; a handful of entrepreneurs think to start the oil trading business as it is known to be highly profitable. UAE takes 4th place in exporting crude oil right after Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Iraq. As a part of OPEC, UAE also carries a global responsibility to provide the supply against the global demand for crude oil and also balance the prices.


Setting up crude oil and gas business trading seems to be the right choice for most investors. While setting up the business on Dubai Mainland has its own procedures, rules, and advantages, we will discuss how to start the oil trading business in the Hamriyah Free zone in this article.

Why Start Petroleum Products company in UAE in Hamriyah Free Zone:


Hamriyah free zone is situated at a central coastal location with key highway access connecting to the other emirates and also additionally providing a connection to Oman, Bahrain, and beyond. Surrounded by coasts on both sides.


 The Arabian Gulf and the Arabian Sea, the free zone provides a strong network through shipping across the world. Hence importing the crude oil from the neighboring GCC countries and exporting it to other countries is quite easy using the strategic location of the Hamriyah Free Zone.


100% Ownership

Setting up a business at Hamriyah free zone allows you to have full ownership of the business and this provides more sense of control to the owner. Being a Free Zone company, an expat is allowed to own 100% of the shares in the company as a Sole owner or a partnership between multiple investors is also possible.


No Taxes

As is the case in any business in the UAE, there is 0% corporate and income tax in this business. Also, being a Free Zone jurisdiction, there is 0% customs duty on import and re-export.


Ease of Port Access

There is access to a 14-meter deep port and a 7-meter deep inner harbor which helps ease of access in importing and exporting through the sea.


Cost-Effective Setup

Setting up an oil import, export, and trading company in Hamriyah Free Zone is really cost-effective and fast. Check the details from the tabular format given below:-


Start Petroleum Products company in UAE Cost Explained


  • FZE (Free Zone Enterprise) stands for single ownership or a single shareholder for the company whereas FZC (Free Zone Company) stands for more than one shareholder for a company.

  • Package 1 & 2 comes with Hamriyah Free zone Virtual Business Center where Package 3 & 4 comes with a 10 sqm office and the costs are included in the package.

  • Package prices include license fees for 1 year, name approval charges and service charges for office electricity and maintenance charges. The visa-related costs are also not included in the package prices.

Start Petroleum Products company in UAE

Starting a replacement oil/petrochemical business is often a lengthy and detailed process. However, with the proper resources, it doesn’t need to be a tedious or frustrating chore. If you’re educated and experienced within the refining industry, determine your strongest skills. 


Select which portion of the  Start Petroleum Products company in UAE business can best “showcase” your talents. The ever-evolving and highly lucrative oil and gas industry present exceptional opportunities for enterprising entrepreneurs to create new businesses.


1 Determine if you would like to be a service company, a distributor of retail or wholesale supplies and parts, a consultant, or an independent exploration company.


You may plan to Start Petroleum Products company in UAE sell oil field petrochemicals and supplies, start an oil field service company (radiometric, seismic, oil and well drilling, oiler completion, water or waste disposal,


 or an oiler pumping service) or open an oil and gas lease brokerage. A thoughtful self-analysis of your motivations for  Start Petroleum Products company in UAE. your own  Start Petroleum Products company in UAE business and an honest assessment of your talents and strengths will help you determine which area of the oil/petrochemical industry is the right business decision.


2 Once you’ve selected the sort of latest business you wish to open, determine the proposed size and scope of the venture. This decision will assist you to decide upon the situation for your business and therefore the amount of office, warehouse, and equipment yard space the new oil/petrochemical enterprise would require.


Next, determine the number of employees required and therefore the training and knowledge they’re going to got to successfully do their jobs. You may get to hire geologists, chemical engineers, oil field workers, and office support staff.


3 Evaluate the market for petroleum products or services. Research competitive Start Petroleum Products company in UAE oil and petrochemical companies based in your local area. Determine if you’ll compete with their prices, service, and established business reputation.




4 Select a name for your new business. Choose a reputation that clearly identifies your petroleum product or service and is straightforward to recollect. Contact the state corporation commission, within the state where the business is going to be headquartered, to work out if the name is out there. It is out there, registering the business name with the state.


5 Prepare a complete and detailed business plan. List all assets and liabilities. Assemble an entire list of all Petroleum Products companies in UAE and operating costs, including equipment, business lease rent or land acquisition, insurance, performance bonds, licenses, permits, projected payroll, advertising, office/oil field supplies, and debt service.


A business plan is going to be required for loan applications and function a “road map” to follow as you proceed through the steps necessary to open for business. Visit the U. S. Small Business Administration website to get a sample business plan and helpful new business guidelines and references.


6 Seek the recommendation of your business attorney or tax attorney to work out the organizational structure of your new oil industry. You may elect to be a sole proprietor or form a  Start Petroleum Products company in UAE partnership or corporation. If you’re advised to make an organization, contact the state corporation commission to get an application for incorporation.


7 Contact the United States Internal Revenue Service to apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN). Your EIN is going to be required for all federal tax returns and banking relationships. Contact your state department of revenue to secure a state tax number. If you’re selling retail petroleum products, you’ll also need a state nuisance tax number or vendor permit. Contact your state department of licensing to get a business license.

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