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How to file VAT Return Filling in Dubai?

Filing of VAT return Filling in Dubai is mandatory for all those who are registered for VAT, irrespective of the type of sales, purchases, tax, VAT registration, etc. CDA helps individuals and business to file VAT return in UAE in addition to providing various other VAT services. Rendering the best guidance and assistance for your VAT Return in accordance with the UAE VAT law, CDA offers error-free VAT Return filing with proper maintenance of accounting documents related to each tax filing.

Advantages of submitting VAT return Filling Online online

The web-based return system offers the following benefits Vat Return Filling in Dubai :

  • Taxpayers will interact with TRA while at their houses or offices.
  • Elimination or reduction of queues at TRA offices during due dates
  • E-filing will result in fewer errors and creates simple and quicker processing of documents.
  • Taxpayers can save their records in their e-mail boxes or print hard copies for future reference.
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Listed below are all the steps that you should follow for VAT return filing in Dubai:

How to File VAT Return Filling in Dubai Online?

  • Step 1: Log in
  • Step 2: Password Change
  • Step 3: Form 14D
  • Step 4: Complete the Form
  • Step 5:Generating XML
  • Step 6:Upload
  • Step 7:Correct Mistakes If Any
  • Step 8: Acknowledgement

Step 1: Log in

Log in to the online portal of the Directorate of Commercial Taxes for your state. Since VAT comes under the purview of state governments, each state has different VAT e-filing portals. However, the procedure is the same for all of them.

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Step 2: Password Change

If you are entering the website for the first time, you will be needed to change the password which you should certainly do.

Step 3: Form 14D

Next, you will have to download the PDF version of zipped Form 14D file; on unzipping it, you will find a PDF version of the form. This is the VAT return filing form which you need to fill completely, along with the annexures.

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Step 4: Complete the Form

Once the download is complete, the form and all the downloaded annexures need to be filled duly with data contained in your VAT receipts and other relevant details. This can take you a couple of hours or a whole day depending on the number of transactions.

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Step 5:Generating XML

Using the downloaded software from the Directorate of Commercial Taxes online portal, you can create XML files out of the filled forms within minutes. Only Form 14D should be uploaded to be in XML, not the annexures, as only it needs to be digitally processed

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Step 6:Upload

Upload the generated XML file as well as the duly filled annexures.

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Step 7:Correct Mistakes If Any

The filing system instantly spots mistakes you’ve made at this point, so make sure that all data uploaded is correct otherwise the server will prompt and ask you to rectify

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Step 8: Acknowledgement

Once all the forms have been submitted successfully, an acknowledgement receipt will be generated. This is proof of your VAT returns filing for the month. You can either download or print this receipt.

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What is VAT Return Filing in Dubai?

Scope of Registering for VAT Filling in Dubai .

VAT return filing in Dubai is a crucial process and it is mandatory for VAT-registered businesses. VAT-registered businesses need to submit their VAT return Filling in Dubai to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA), and failure to comply sets imposition of penalties or fines.

One of the key criteria for VAT registration in UAE is the turnover threshold. VAT registration is mandatory for all businesses in UAE that have annual taxable supplies and imports exceeding AED 375,000 and voluntary VAT registration applies to those who have an annual taxable supply and import value above the AED 187,500 threshold. The VAT return filing in Dubai process involves several stages, including calculating your VAT liability, completing VAT return forms and submitting them electronically to FTA via the e-Services portal, replying to any queries from FTA within 14 days of receiving the query, and keeping all applicable records. Vat Return Filling in Dubai

If the e- filer’s signature has not been captured in the TRA AFIS System, then the e- filer is required to arrange for signature capturing at the TRA office where the filer or the entity files its VAT returns.

What happens if an e- Filer has not undergone biometric scanning?


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What are procedures to be followed?

On line submission of VAT returns

require the following steps:

Register for Electronic Filing: In order to file returns electronically to TRA, the VAT registered taxpayer will be required to click on the e-filing hyper link. This will take the taxpayer to the e-filing System linkage. The taxpayer (Individual and Entity) will have to register into the System on initial access and will be given an Electronic Filer Identification Number (e-fin). The taxpayer will further be issued with an initial password to facilitate creation of his/her own password, login and filing of returns.

Signature of an individual filing the return electronically:

Since the requirement to sign the return is mandatory and taking into consideration that the return shall be filed electronically. The e-filer’s signature shall automatically be retrieved from the Automatic Finger Identification System (AFIS) where the filer’s signature was captured when the e-filer was requesting from TRA on one of the following services: Application for driver’s license

Registration of a motor vehicle

Normal application of TIN for any other business

Benefits of Filing VAT Returns Online

E-filing of VAT returns

E-filing of VAT returns is a great way of keeping yourself updated with the taxation process. Not to mention, it has several improvements over manual filing as well. Some of the key benefits are listed down:

Saves Time

Saves Time: Manual e filing can take a couple of days in case your business has made a lot of transactions, particularly if the VAT rate differs. On the other hand, online filing can be completed in a matter of hours and is less tedious.

Real-time Feedback:

: As soon as you upload the form in XML format to the e-filing portal, you will instantly know whether there are any discrepancies. As in case of any errors, you will be informed how they can be rectified. The state portals also have a detailed set of FAQs, in case you’re stuck.

Acknowledgements Saved

There are chances of paper receipts of getting misplaced or damaged. However, in the case of any inspection, you can’t just say you’ve lost them. Producers who file their returns online exclusively are even asked to produce papers on some occasions (paper receipts are rarely asked but can also be asked to produce paper receipts at times), as the information is easily accessible by the state tax department.

Always Be Aware

Your account on the e-filing portal is where the government will send you all the important notifications. This can be in anything including any information pending from your side. So in case you are confused about what you still need to do to complete the procedure, all you need to do is log in. If the portal does not ask for any documents or clarifications, you’re done.

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Who Needs to File VAT Returns?

VAT Returns must be filed by all producers of goods and services to the Government of India. Any dealer regardless of manufacturing or trading business, a partnership firm, sole proprietorship or a private limited company whose turnover annually is over Rs.5 lakhs will have to get registered with the VAT Department.

any whose turnover annually is over Rs.5 lakhs will have to get registered with the VAT Department. However, this amount is a subject to State laws and can be modified by the State Government. However, dealers who are not under compulsion can also obtain registration and benefits of issuing tax invoice. VAT is collected at each phase of production, therefore, some of the amounts that have been collected by the customers will be retained by the producers and the rest will have to be paid to the government through designated banks every month.

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